How to pack clothes and shoes for moving?

packing is the most tedious task when moving. It takes up a lot of time and effort. However, proper packing is critical for the protection of your stuff. And while many think that knowing how to pack clothes and shoes for moving is not that important the reality is different. Yes, these items are harder to damage during transport, but packing them properly is still important. It will make the process easier and more organized. So, there are certain tips to follow for long-distance as well as local moves.  There are also tips and tricks to make it faster and easier. So let’s dive deeper into this issue.


Packing clothes and shoes demand proper preparation. Just like any other items you should sort these items and assess what you have to work with. This will show you what else you have to do and the packing supplies you will have to get. After you know what you have to deal with you can start preparing for packing. The steps to properly preparing and packing these items are usually as follows

  • Sorting out
  • Decluttering
  • Gathering supplies and pack
  • Be clever about packing


It is always a good idea to sort your clothes and shoes before packing. this will allow you to separate them into different categories to asses them more easily. This will give you a rough idea of what you own and how you are going to handle these items. Chances are you don’t need all of them so you should probably declutter.

Woman with boxes of clothes.
Know how to sort and declutter your clothes.


Once, you realize that you have clothes and shoes you don’t use it is clear that you should get rid of them. Simply put, your moving cost will depend on the amount of stuff and boxes you have to move. Also, your chosen movers, will ask for the number of boxes they will have to handle. So it is rational to get rid of the stuff you don’t need to keep the cost down. Try donating, giving away, selling, or simply throwing out the items you don’t need. This will save you a lot of trouble and time when packing.


For proper protection, you should gather the right packing supplies. The crucial supplies include.

  • Boxes. whether plastic bins or cardboard, boxes are crucial for clothes and shoe packing and production. You can source them out and recycle old boxes or you can buy new ones.
  • Packing tape. It can be used to strengthen the boxes and secure them additionally
  • Markers and labels. With proper labeling, you can stay organized for moving

Be creative

When packing clothes you can also be creative and clever. Chances are that creative ideas can save you a lot of money. So, consider not unpacking your dressers. Leave your clothing in them and move them as one unit while securing the drawers from opening. Use old suitcases to pack clothes instead of boxes. These are just some of the packing tips to help you out when packing. All of this will speed up and make your moving process cheaper and more efficient.

Couple packing clothes in boxes who know how to pack clothes and shoes for moving.
Learn bout the packing process to make it simple and easy.

Pack shoes and clothes properly

Take your time to pack these items. Try to learn how to pack clothes and shoes for moving properly. This will make moving easier, simpler, and faster.

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