How to organize senior relocation on a budget

Moving is not an easy job, but when you are a senior it can get even harder. Usually, when people hit retirement they start thinking about downsizing or moving somewhere nicer to call it their forever home. This brings with it things like getting rid of some things that may hold sentimental value. It can also be logistically challenging depending on where you want to live. Do you want to age in place, join a retirement community or move in with a child or a friend? Because of all of these things, it is not easy to organize senior relocation on a budget, but there are measures that you can take to make it easier.

Where do you want to live?

One of the biggest decisions that you need to make is where would you want to live. There are many choices, but some seem more popular than the other so we will focus on them in this article.

Downsizing to age in a place

Many senior citizens decide to move locally. This means moving into a smaller house in the same community they are currently living in. A smaller home is easier to maintain, it’s easier to move around in it and the expenses are smaller so those are the main reasons for people to do this. Thing is that you need to be relatively mobile and able to drive to do this as you will need to be independent.

Relocating to a retirement community

Some seniors find living in a retirement community the best option. These communities in the past had a bad reputation, but nowadays they are trying their best to avoid this perception. Good candidates for moving into these types of communities are people who have concerns about home maintenance, have health concerns or may not have family nearby.

Moving in with family

If you have a family that lives nearby and that is willing and able to let you live with them, that may be a convenient option. Of course, you need to reason properly and if you need more care than a family member can provide, maybe a retirement community would be a better choice. However, if you are determined that living with your family is a fit, you have to be prepared to significantly downsize in order to merge a household of your family.

Senior holding ball with his daughter.
Moving in with family can be a convenient option in some cases.

Sort your belongings

If you want to organize senior relocation on a budget, the key would be good moving preparation. And you should start with sorting your belongings. If you are moving to a home that is the same size as the one in which you currently are, then you may be able to bring all of your stuff. However, if you made a decision to downsize, you will have to get rid of some stuff as moving into a smaller place means that you can’t bring everything with you.

You will need to sort your things by four basic categories: Keep, Give, Store, and Trash. Don’t rush with this process and try to be merciless. Do one area of your home at a time and arrange things by categories that we mentioned.

If you have a problem with deciding which things are for tossing away, you can decide using this list:

  • It was never used
  • You don’t need it or it doesn’t suit your style
  • You have thoughts like ”I might need it someday”
  • It’s out of date
  • You won’t use it ever again
  • Unfinished projects
  • It has no sentimental value and it wasn’t used in over a year
  • Furniture that won’t fit

Of course, some of this stuff may be able to find a new home and new use. So if you know someone that needs something that you have, be free to give it to them.

Packing for relocation

Ah, the job of packing. This is not an easy task and pretty much no one wants to do this job. So you may think that it is a simple task of calling packing professionals and getting rid of that job. However, we’re trying to organize a senior relocation on a budget here, and packing yourself will save you a solid amount of money.

It is good to remember that packing is a physically demanding job, so it may not be a bad idea to look for some help. Friends or family can help you for free and you will spend some time together. They can also help you to get rid of some stuff that you maybe couldn’t throw away.

Person on the floor covered by used boxes
When trying to organize senior relocation on a budget it is a good idea to pack by yourself.

Movers or DIY move?

After you have sorted and packed all of your things, the biggest decision has to be made. Are you going to move by yourself or will you try to find services to make senior relocation easier? Before deciding, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions.

What is your health like? Can you do all the heavy lifting? How much family and friends can you gather to help you? Do you have enough time to do this by yourself? How far are you moving to?

Be honest with yourself and make a decision accordingly. It may seem strange to hire a moving company when trying to organize senior relocation on a budget, but there is nothing wrong with spending some money on making your life much easier and safer.

Man moving boxes.
Moving on your own can be very hard and even dangerous if your health is not good.

Prepare for the emotional side of relocation

It is not easy to organize senior relocation on a budget, but you have to be ready for the emotional side of moving too. Some people see moving as an adventure, and they can’t wait to get to their new home. On the other hand, there are people that find the transition very challenging and tiring. Especially if they’re moving away from the place where they made family memories. Make sure to embrace the emotions of moving, as this will give you the strength to overcome them. It is only natural to feel a bit sad when you are making this type of transition in your life. Be sure not to be afraid of these emotions, as they are a path to feeling normal again.

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