How to organize a pre-move garage sale in NYC

Whether you’re moving to NYC or you’re relocating to another apartment, the best way to get rid of your old belongings is by organizing a pre-move garage sale. Downsizing and decluttering should be one of the first things on your to-do list before moving.  Not only that it will be easier for you to pack and move, but it will also make the costs of relocating significantly lower. Below you will find great tips to organize a pre-move garage sale in NYC and make it stress-free and more fun.

Things to do before relocating to my new home

Moving your possessions to a new home without any damage should be your top priority, and therefore, finding a reliable moving company is essential.  Moving and Storage NYC is a professional moving company that offers high-quality service for all relocations: local, long-distance, residential, or commercial move. They also provide packing services to keep your belongings adequately packed and protected.

Storage facilities in NYC
Renting a storage unit from a reliable moving company is your best choice

Separating items for my pre-move garage sale

Deciding on what things you want to keep, and what you don’t need anymore can take a lot of time if not planned properly. First, you can go through all the items stored in boxes and closets as well as check your basement and garage. You might feel you’re too attached to some of your belongings, but you’re lacking space in your new home. One of the solutions for this would be keeping your items in a storage unit. There are many options out there, but at Moving and Storage NYC, we will provide the best storage solutions and find an appropriate storage unit for you!

What should I do next?

One thing to do to stay organized and focused on your tasks in the process of moving is creating a moving checklist. You can also find many moving preparation tips and tricks that can help you with planning. Making an inventory of the things you are selling so you wouldn’t lose track of them is very important. This way, you will be able to keep track of the items you are selling while the sale is still in progress. Also, it will be easier for you to do the calculations and see how much money you’ve earned.

A task-list to organize a pre-move garage sale in NYC .
Keeping an inventory of your belongings while you organize a pre-move garage sale in NYC is a great idea

Another important thing is keeping your garage and items tidy and clean. To have everything looking organized and well prepared you can:

  • Group your belongings similar to a retail store. You can create your departments that include furniture, clothes, books, toys, decor, linens, kitchen electronics, etc.
  • Display your clothes on a clothing rack and put up prices to be visible.
  • Create wide aisles and make enough space for your shoppers to move around.
  • Make sure you keep your items up and off the ground. People that come to your pre-move garage sale will like to have things at their eye level. They will also appreciate not having to bend up and down. In case you have to place some of your things on the ground, be sure to put some tarp, blankets, or bed sheets first.
  • Have your electrical items plugged into outlets so your shoppers can test them before buying.

Setting up the date and time for your garage sales event

If possible, it would be perfect if you could set your garage sale for the first weekend of the month. It is a good choice since it is soon after payday and people will still have plenty of money to spend. Also, weekends are great since people have more free time. In case you’re looking to attract people that are randomly driving by your house, then a weekday may be a better choice. We also advise you to start your sale early in the morning (8 or 9 a.m.). This way you will have the whole day for your sale and you will probably finish at around 5 p.m. It will give you enough time to put the remaining things back in order once the sale is over.

Advertise your sale, spread the word around

Having a good advertising strategy when you organize a pre-move garage sale in NYC or having a poor one will determine whether your sale is going to be successful or not. Nothing spreads as quickly as a rumor! You should tell your family, your friends, neighbors, and colleagues about the sales event you’re organizing. Don’t forget to mention a special bargain and kindly ask them to tell their friends and people they know. Remember to use the internet and social media for advertising. Advertisements in the local newspapers also give good results. Also, placing interesting signs and posters around your neighborhood will attract more shoppers. 

Prices should be reasonable

Setting fair and reasonable prices will attract more customers. Offering special discounts could also be a good idea. Another thing you could do is offer two items for the price of one. You could also offer last-minute deals or sell in bundles.

Shop window sign
Special discounts and offers will attract more customers

Your main goal when making a pre-move garage sale is earning some money since relocation to a new home can be expensive. One thing to keep in mind is that during your relocation, some additional expenses could occur. That’s why getting a free estimate on your moving budget can be very useful in these situations.

Do I need a permit to hold an NYC pre-move garage sale?

We recommend that you contact the local authorities. You should check if there are any regulations or rules that you should follow to organize a garage sale in your area. You should do this a few weeks before your sale so you have enough time to get a permit if required.

Be a smart seller

You could create a welcoming atmosphere by playing some nice background music and offering refreshments. You should have a lot of change in cash and coins. Remember to take cash only – otherwise, you could risk having a bad experience. You could also prepare some bags and boxes of different sizes for packing. In case you are left with some unsold belongings and since you already decided you can live without them –  find out where to donate as donating would be a great thing to do after all.

As you can see, organize a pre-move garage sale in NYC and it doesn’t have to be stressful after all. It can be a fun way to get rid of old things and earn some extra cash. We hope you enjoyed our tips and wish you the best of luck in moving to your new home!

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