How to organize a move from LA to NYC in just two weeks

We applaud you if you’ve made the decision to relocate to New York City. Nothing can entirely prep you for a smooth move to New York City, regardless of your financial status. We will show you today how to organize a move from LA to NYC in just two weeks.

Getting ready for a move from LA to NYC

Breathe in deeply. There will be a lot to worry about, but with our professional counsel, we can help you approach each problem one at a time. Your top consideration should be choosing your community. The zip code you choose to live in will affect a lot of lifestyle factors. If you choose to live in Williamsburg rather than Bay Ridge, your commute, rent, and leisure time will all be different. Now get a pen and paper, and begin noting the things that are most important.

Choose your home’s layout

First of all, keep in mind that there isn’t much room available. You will have to pack your clothes and other items very smartly. Most people will accept high rent because of the location and accessibility to public transit, rather than an extra bedroom. Even a little second bedroom must take priority over a shorter commute and a close-by park. Remember that many NYC apartments do not allow pets. Also, since owning a pet entails paying for veterinary care, food, and dog parks, some neighborhoods may become more difficult to visit. Surely, you don’t want to force and pay rent that prevents you from enjoying and taking care of your furry friend properly.

Know your options for housing in NYC

One of the most important initial steps is to have an idea of the area, type of space, and commute you should plan for. Once you prepare, begin the search for the housing possibilities available to you in NYC. In some residential areas, it is much simpler to find a home. Famous brownstones that you may have seen in movies can be found in some of these cities. Others provide sparkling skyscrapers perched above city streets lined with bars and restaurants.

Two people hugging in front of skyscrapers;
Look for a home that will fulfill your dreams when you intend to move from LA to NYC.

Decide on a neighborhood before you move from LA to NYC

When you want to move from LA to NYC, know that New York City is divided into five boroughs: Staten Island, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. They are a remarkable example of tenacious individuality, a diverse range of cultures, and an abundance of food options. The transportation system is vital to daily life and employment in the city. The alternative is a car, but be prepared to spend more on parking. The first consideration should always be transportation. Clearly, Manhattan serves as the hub of activity, and the subway can take you practically anywhere in the city. Nevertheless, if you go to South Brooklyn, the subway alternatives are limited in favor of more affordable, roomy apartments and a residential atmosphere. Moving to West New York is also a good choice. Think about all these factors carefully before you get down to organizing a move from LA to NYC.

A busy street.
You can also explore NYC neighborhoods while taking long walks.

NYC broker fees

Many seasoned New York tenants have negative feelings when they hear the phrases broker and fees. Nonetheless, they occasionally accompany receiving the keys to your first apartment in the Big Apple. So, we’re here to simplify everything for you. The broker fee is often paid by the renter when renting in NYC, as opposed to many other US cities where the owner is typically responsible. The following factors will affect how much that cost is:

  • The value of the requested rent.
  • The manner in which the brokerage charges its fee.
  • Negotiations.

A no-fee option on well-known rental search sites should be familiar to tenants. Another choice is to look for rental properties where you may get in touch with the rental agency of a luxury rental property directly, avoiding all middlemen.

Choose a moving company for your relocation to NYC

In the broad scheme of things, selecting a moving company is probably the least concern. But if you spend the time to consider who will be packing and relocating your belongings, it could help prevent a slight headache in the long run. There are many moving companies, but not all of them specialize in all types of moves. Just know that good preparation is essential when you move from LA to NYC in just two weeks. Moving and packing experts will manage your priceless possessions with utmost care.

A man and a woman packing boxes into a moving truck;
Choosing the right moving company will ease your move from LA to NYC in two weeks!

Your schedule should be clear to reduce stress

We are now getting close to the goal. Each person’s journey up to this point will have been unique. You can be a tenant who has no interest in Greenwich townhouses or houses for sale. You might be a buyer who put off purchasing an apartment on the East Side for years. Whatever your objective, it’s important to de-stress as the moving date approaches. Let yourself make mistakes and deal with unforeseen circumstances. Make sure your schedule is as flexible as you can for the relocation. When you get to the apartment, you don’t want to find out that your favorite couch won’t fit through the entryway and that the next day is work.

Living a happy life in New York

You will eventually have the keys to your new Big Apple residence in your hand, though it may seem bizarre and difficult to imagine. Take advantage of having the opportunity to reside in one of the most storied cities in the world by using those keys to unlock more than just the apartment door. While clearing your calendar can help you reduce moving-related stress, it should also offer you some time to explore your new city. Check out some of the best Manhattan neighborhoods, for example, if you’re a young entrepreneur moving from LA. So utilize that time to discover some of New York City’s top features.

Calm down after your move from LA to NYC in two weeks

The concrete jungle of the Big Apple is ideal for you if your first want following a stressful transfer is to lie down in a patch of grass and get away from concrete. Some of the most picturesque parks in the world can be found among the well-known skyscrapers and brownstones. Brooklyn’s Prospect Park is a vast area with winding paths leading to wide-open spaces and secluded gazebos overlooking calm lakes.

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