How to move your garden without killing your plants

Is it time to move to a new house? Do you have a garden and you do not want to leave your plants? Is it possible to move your garden without killing your plants? Yes, it is, but you will need some tips and tricks on how to do it safely. You don’t have to leave your plants in your old home, even if you are moving to another city or state. Unless the climate in another state is completely different, so your plants cannot survive that weather.

Move your garden without killing your plants

Plants are decorations for the interior and exterior too. It is a perfect solution for decorating a small apartment on a budget. Having a garden is not only decorative, but it has its purpose. You can always have fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits. For tea, salads, and other delicious dishes and drinks. If you want to move your garden, follow these tips.

Avoid moving during high heat

Don’t move during the summer. If you must move in this season, pick a day that is not that hot. It is the worse you can do to your plants. Direct light can damage your plants and dryness is not good for the roots, so you should not expose them to sun, heat, or wind.

Vegetables in a pot to move your garden without killing your plants
If you love your fresh vegetables every day, move your garden to a new home

Prepare the new location

Prepare your new location for plants, don’t put them in a storage unit while you are preparing it. It is one of the things you should never store in a storage unit. Make a plan where will put your plants and what should you plant first. The soil must be ready when you arrive at your new home. Also, before transferring the plants, douse spots in soil with water and already make holes. Especially if you are moving on high temperatures.

Get the right moving materials

Large plants in ports can survive moving in their original containers, but burlap is also an affordable material for moving plants. Purchase burlaps and that will protect the roots from wind and sun.

Watering your plants

Water your plants properly during transportation. Not only that it will keep them alive, but also, watered plants are easier to remove with the root intact. Before the final moving day, water your garden and that will give them enough hydration during the transportation. Soak the roots well.

Indoor plants.
Plants are great decoration, but not only that

Remove excess foliage

If your plants have dry stems or foliage, remove it before your move. Sry parts are a trauma for a plant.

Dig carefully

Be gentle when digging. If you chop a healthy root, it will ruin your plant. Take a hand shovel and dig a ring around the main stem carefully and with extra attention. This way you will move your garden without killing your plants.

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