How to Lower Your Utility Bills

Sometimes we can get carried away with monthly expenses. Then, it becomes easy to slip with a few payments and create small debts here and there. In order to avoid sticky situations like that, maybe you should work on lowering your utility bills. This will not only help you stay within a budget, but you’d be able to save some money along the way. It is all about being aware and resourceful. Therefore, keep on reading as we’ll share our tips and tricks on how to lower your utility bills over time.

Monthly Expenses

When it comes to utility bills and amounts we pay on a monthly basis, it depends on individual usage. Standard utility bills cover expenses for electricity, water, and gas month to month. Depending on the company or even the location where you live, sometimes they will also include other services such as internet, cable TV, and phone. Again, these can all be included together, or they might be considered additional utilities to your standard bills.

A woman making some calculations on a calculator.
In order to know how to save money, you first need to know where you are spending the most money. Hence, do the math!

Do the Math

As the amount of your expenses depends on the usage, there are ways to lower your utility bills. First, we recommend that you do your calculations and evaluate how much you are paying for each utility. Once you have your numbers down, you can start to consider solutions on how to save money.

Utility Bills

If you want to lower your utility bills, it’s first important to know exactly how much money you are spending on your utilities. How much money do you pay for water, gas, and electricity? What are your phone bill and internet usage? Once you are able to narrow down your expenses to exact amounts, then you can take action.

light bulbs
Resourcefulness, awareness, and creativity will help you stay within budget in the long run.

Electricity 101

For example, let’s take a look at your electricity usage. Do you have all the lights on at your home even though you are in one room most of the time? We suggest switching to dimmer switches. These will allow you to adjust light and use less or more depending on what you need.

Opt for ceiling fans as opposed to having your air conditioning working all day. It will help lower your utility bills, and it is better for your health overall.

Moreover, switch to LED lights! They require 90% less energy, and this small change can have big effects on your bills.


Look into TV and internet bundles in order to pay less on a monthly basis. Another way to lower your utility bills is to negotiate with your provider, and possibly get discounts or promotions.

Save Money

Overall, lowering your utility bills simply requires a little bit of creativity and common sense. Once you can pinpoint where you’re spending the most money, you can figure out easy ways to lower usage and as a result, pay less on the utility bills. It’s all about usage when necessary and being aware of that fact at all times.

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