How to Know Which NYC Neighborhood Matches Your Personality

A common question among the people that want to move to NYC, is what part of the city to move to? The answer is relatively simple, but it requires some work first. You should take the Myres-Briggs test and find out what personality type you are. After that, we will go over what our experts from Moving and Storage NYC consider the matching neighborhoods are. So let’s see how to know which NYC neighborhood matches your personality!

Personality types

There are many different types of personalities according to the Myres-Briggs text, but luckily, there are even more NYC neighborhoods! We matched the neighborhoods to personality types below:

  • INTJ – Lower East Side
  • INFJ – Upper West Side
  • ISFJ – West Village
  • ISTP – Long Island
  • ESTP – Chelsea
  • ESFP – East Village
  • ENTP – Little Italy
  • ENFP – Brooklyn Heights
  • ENFJ – Upper East Side
  • ENTJ – Tribeca

We covered just a part of the NYC neighborhoods but some of the personality types are very similar so you will fit into one of these for sure. Now let’s go over them one by one!

Lower East Side

On the Lower East Side, those who are original, skeptical, and self-sufficient will succeed. This area, which was once an immigrant settlement, today boasts a youthful and artistic character. It’s grungy and glitzy, with a plethora of hip nightclubs and dingy pubs. There is a diverse population here, ranging from students to experts, as well as a diverse range of real estate alternatives. If you decide to move to the Lower East Side you should consider getting professional help. Many moving companies like Roadway Moving cover the area and will happily help you out. Most movers offer different packages so make sure to do research before hiring anyone.

Upper West Side

If you’re perceptive, organized, and dedicated, you’ll like mixing and mingling on the Upper West Side. This area is a mix of old and modern New York, with veteran New Yorkers and recent Columbia grads living alongside. There are several excellent pubs and restaurants, and real estate is often roomier. If you have some extra cash to spend, you found the right borough for you!

West Village

You are calm, kind, and diligent, and you would be an ideal neighbor for the West Village’s true New Yorkers as well as celebs. It’s historic, romantic, and completely charming, and you won’t annoy individuals who value their solitude. On weekends, it can become a little rowdy, but with your pleasant demeanor, you won’t mind.

Street in West Village during winter
West Village is home to many true New Yorkers and celebrities! Wonder which NYC neighborhood matches your personality? 

Long Island

You are patient, adaptable, and analytical, and you are always prepared with a suitable answer. Long Island is the ideal location for you. This burgeoning neighborhood has drawn world-class institutions and excellent restaurants, and the skyscrapers along the East River are attractive real estate. You can feel removed from the city rush while yet being in Midtown in 15 minutes – fixing all your life difficulties like a pro.


You are compassionate, spontaneous, and elegant, and you appreciate the material luxuries of life. What better NYC neighborhood to choose than Chelsea, the city’s trendsetting epicenter? Some of the nicest real estate in NYC, as well as the hottest bars and clubs, can be found here. There is always something interesting to do in this area since it never sleeps. So, if you like to party, this is the best NYC neighborhood for you!

East Village

If you’re lively, practical, and sociable, the East Village could be the place for you – especially if you’re young and active. It is the city’s historical-artistic core, and it today houses a mix of students and lecturers from nearby NYU, as well as working professionals. This is the place to be if you prefer to learn throughout the day and party all night.

Street in the West Village
East Village is regarded as the heart of the city’s historical-artistic core!

Little Italy

Do you think of yourself as assertive, resourceful, and intuitive? If you wonder which NYC neighborhood matches your personality then consider Little Italy. This small bit of heaven is full of character, and you will never go hungry. Little Italy is full of big personalities, and yours will probably fit in!

Brooklyn Heights

Do you have a kind, inventive, and energetic personality? The peace and beauty of Brooklyn Heights may be precisely what you’re looking for. With cobbled streets, ivy-wrapped houses, and tree-lined walkways, you get the finest of old New York. You’ll also enjoy a community-focused and flourishing neighborhood. It is regarded as one of the best NYC residential neighborhoods for a reason!

Upper East Side

If you are warm, responsible, and friendly, you will enjoy living on the Upper East Side. This area is teeming with physicians, attorneys, and their families, and it exudes a welcoming atmosphere. You’ll have access to a diverse range of ethnic foods, galleries, and Central Park, as well as a decent selection of reasonably priced real estate. It also has some of the greatest private schools in the city.

When planning a move to the Upper East Side you should do a lot of research. There are a lot of things that you need to think about and not only which NYC neighborhood matches your personality. That is why it is crucial to know everything about the process. By being well informed you will be able to move to the Upper East Side without any major complications!

Street in the Upper East Side
Upper East Side is a great option for people who have a bit more money because real estate is expensive.


Those that are honest, resolute, and clever will undoubtedly like Tribeca’s industrial-chic ambiance. While enjoying luxury art galleries, fashionable restaurants and bars, and breathtaking vistas, rub elbows with rich couples and families. It’s a bit pricy, but considering your intelligence and leadership abilities, you should be able to afford it. But that pricing is compensated by many amazing job opportunities that you will be able to exploit!

Final thoughts

There are many different types of personalities, but there is something for everyone in NYC. After reading this guide and doing the Myers-Briggs test you should be able to find which NYC neighborhood matches your personality. We wish you the best of luck in your chosen NYC neighborhood!

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