How to help your movers on a moving day

The big day has finally arrived! The day you’ve been planning for is finally here after weeks of packing, sorting, cleaning, organizing, and arranging. When the movers arrive at your front door, a wave of fear washes over you since you had entirely forgotten about THEM. You’re not alone if you’ve ever been confronted with this heartbreaking fact! We asked our experts from Moving and Storage NYC to share some of their experiences! That said, let’s see how to be nice and how to help your movers on a moving day!


Proper etiquette dictates that you tip your moving staff as a service professional who works extremely hard to transport and manage your most valuable items. Tipping amounts for movers vary, but they should be determined by the scale of the project they’re working on for you. If you only have a little number of items and it only takes half a day, $10 per person is regarded as reasonable.

Tip jar
Tipping is a must for your movers!

However, if you have a significant move with huge furniture, a lengthy walk to the truck, and it will take the entire day, $20 per person is advised. According to sources, a charge of 5% to 10% of the whole moving bill is likewise reasonable.

Snacks & drinks will help your movers on a moving day

The widespread agreement is that you should supply your movers with either cold, water bottles or a bigger bottle with cups. It’s good politeness to have additional cold beverages on hand, such as Powerade or lemonade, in addition to bottled water. Some customers opt to buy the moving staff lunch as their only “tip,” while others provide a cash tip as well!

It’s vital to remember that if you’re going to supply lunch, make sure you provide them with a variety of food alternatives rather than presuming one or the other. Also, inquire as to if any of the crew members have any allergies. Experts at Moishes Moving Systems say doing this will help your movers on a moving day so much because they won’t have to think about bringing their own lunch or going somewhere else to eat during that day.

Water bottle
Cold bottles of water will be very helpful to the moving crew!

Be respectful

You can be respectful and thankful in many different ways. Some of them are:

  • Greeting them by name in front of their boss, or even simply saying thank you, can go a long way.
  • Write a Google review mentioning specific crew members who went above and beyond. Especially if they helped you stay safe while moving heavy furniture!
  • Make an arrangement for the movers to pick up your old furniture. Offer to have one of the movers pick up any old furniture you’re getting rid of or that won’t fit.
  • Provide a space for them to rest during their breaks. It’s as simple as setting up a couple of lawn chairs in a shady spot on your lawn.
  • When they first come, direct them to the toilet and make sure it’s filled with liquid soap and paper towels.

In conclusion

Offering to help your movers on a moving day is a very nice gesture that you shouldn’t skip. While they probably will still do all of the heavy lifting, snacks and a tip will suffice. But, the most important thing is to be nice and respectful!

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