How to help your cat adjust to a new home

Relocating with pets can be very exhausting, especially for them. However, adjusting to a new place can be even more difficult. If you have a cat and need to relocate soon, you need to know how to help your cat to adjust to a new home.

Be careful when moving with your cat to your new house

First of all, you need to be careful when moving with your cat. While movers will be taking care of the transport of the furniture and other items, you need to take full responsibility for moving your cat. Since the coronavirus is present among us, you will have to move with your pet in your own vehicle. As you already suspect, a car ride is not something comfortable for the majority of cats. So, you must keep it inside of its special carriage the whole trip. This carriage you can buy in almost every pet shop and some other stores. If you are also moving with kids, do not let them take the cat from its carriage. It will be safest for it to stay there until you arrive at your new house.

Help your cat adjust to a new home by keeping it inside for the first couple of days

Once you come to your new home, you should give your cat enough time to adjust properly to it. Some cats need only a couple of days, while others need a couple of months to adapt to new surroundings. For this reason, it is highly important to keep your cat inside until it completely adjusts to a new space. If you let it in your garden, it can get confusing for her, which can cause it to panic and get lost somewhere. So, make sure to keep all the doors and windows closed.

A cat playing by the window once you help your cat adjust to a new house.
Close your windows and keep your cat inside to help it adapt to a new place.

In order to help your cat adjust to a new house give it the things it is familiar with

It will be very useful to unpack the toys, blankets, and the basket of your cat the moment you arrive. The same goes for its food and water dishes. If it sees familiar things, it will be much easier to identify the new house as its home. Therefore, make sure to pack the things of your cat with you in your car. That will enable you to do this right away.

A cat sleeping.
Unpack your cat’s basket the moment you arrive at your new home.

Be careful if there are dogs or a lot of cars in the neighborhood

Before you let your cat out after some time, make sure that there are no dogs around. In most neighborhoods, dogs are kept in the gardens safely. And people often drive very carefully. In residential areas, there are not so many cars that are speeding. So, only when you make sure that the surroundings are completely safe, you can let your furry friend outside.

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