How to handle moving abroad with toddlers

Maybe an even bigger challenge than moving abroad would be moving abroad with toddlers. Having children with you makes the relocation process a lot harder than it usually is. So get ready for an adventure at the price of two (great deal, right?). Of course, it shouldn`t necessarily be a struggle, you just need an original approach for it and things will work themselves out in the meantime.

Focus on things you need to know about renting a moving truck that you should most probably do. Carrying your little ones with you is going to waste enough of your energy already to even consider a DIY move. So just try and found the right truck for your moving needs and a skillful driver.

Moving truck on the highway with family moving abroad with toddlers
Renting a moving truck and driving it all by yourself is going to save you some money out of your relocation budget.

Out of all the types of moves, we have been talking about lately, moving abroad with toddlers is definitely one of the most delicate. Reason for which we have come up with this list of the most essential 7 aspects that you should consider when embarking on this adventure.

Don’t forget to take their favorite toys

Leaving behind the environment they started getting used to just recently is harsh enough for them. Make sure you don`t let them go through it alone. I mean, yeah, they have the emotional support from their imaginary friend. They also have their loveling and caring parents. But the amount of help that they`re getting from their plush toy companion is absolutely priceless. So make sure that you are not leaving Teddy B. behind. after all, out of a 24-hour day, he is actually the one almost glued to your little one. Have some consideration and treat it right.

Make a game out of the move

Your little treasures are not that hard to convince when it comes to accepting new things. They are usually much more open than we are. Making them feel involved will definitely make them much more responsive to change and embrace it. While packing, try and ask them to give you certain things or put them in the bag all by themselves. Once your trolleys and boxes are full, you should already have the company of movers contracted for the transportation of your belongings.

They say that life is the sum of our own choices. So why not choose the best there is out there and give them a call? On you will get a moving quote in no time. That way you can know what to expect financially and the way the whole process will develop.

Legs of a toddler which is climbing the stairs.
A toddler can do more in one unsupervised minute than most people can do in one whole day.

Take them out for a day to remember

Moving abroad with toddlers is energy-consuming for them as well. They made their own “connections”, they`ve built their whole life brick by brick. So, before leaving for good from the place they knew since they`ve opened their eyes into this world, you should have a day out. A day out with them into their favorite park for them to take a proper goodbye from his playmates. He might never see them again, so some heartwarming hugs are definitely going to sweeten up the whole leaving them regrets.

Look for kindergartens in your new neighborhood

Try and make some proper research on the future kindergarten that you`re going to enroll them in. It should be close to your home or on your way to work so that you won`t need the help of third parties when dropping them there every morning. Some of the kindergartens started a cardio program with the small ones, and they are supposed to get a bike. In case the tutors there accept for you to leave the bikes in their parking spot, that`d be great. Otherwise, you should go through these creative ideas for storing your bicycle.

Chill and they will do the same

Kids tend to copy the behavioral patterns of their parents. It`s called “learning by imitation”. Keeping this in mind, the way you should act when close to them should be the same way a team leader acts around his employees. You should keep moral conduct and also set an example. This applies to maintaining your calmness as well. Moving abroad with toddlers is not an easy thing to handle.

So being as calm as you can be is going to transmit some good vibes in their direction. Don`t forget about your household items as well. You should opt for experts who can help you with that as their expertise is going to put everything on the right track. After all, you have bigger fish to fry. Your toddler is already running free through the house, so go back and watch on him right now.

Bake their favorite cake

Buying them their favorite chocolate or baking a dessert they really enjoy can also be used as a trick. They will be way too delighted for them to think furthermore about moving. Keep them happy at all times.

Toddler and newborn side by side on a comfy blanket.
Having a baby brother to look over is going to keep your toddler distracted not to think about relocation anymore. So better start procreating.

Explain the way that new beginnings work

Even though sometimes we don`t realize it, children can feel if we are honest with them. The time for a life lesson came at a good moment. Letting go should be one of the early lessons they are about to learn. Try and simplify it for their level of understanding though.

You`re almost there!

After reading our suggestions, for sure you`ve come a bit to your senses seeing that moving abroad with toddlers is not supposed to be so difficult after all. The good news: it can get even easier. If you are going to consider placing your things in an orderly manner, this is going to save you a lot of space. So try and maximize space in your garage with these easy steps. You are going to thank us long-term, seeing that you will be able to fit twice as many things as you would normally be able to. It`s like we`ve previously stated: work smarter, not harder. Everything else is going to fall into place. As simple as that.

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