How to find the best relocation companies in NYC

Moving nowadays is something that people do often. This is very common especially if we are talking about New York. In this, rapidly developing, real estate market people tend to move often. This is where the need for moving services is particularly. high. However, moving through the rush and hustle of this metropolitan area can be difficult. This is just the right reason to seek and try to find the best relocation companies in NYC. Finding the best movers will ensure that your move goes smoothly and with less stress. Knowing how to go about finding them is what we will try to help you out with.

A few starter tips

Navigating a city like New York poses a set of challenges. It’s much different from other locations. Tight streets and passages, lots of traffic to tackle,  lack of parking space to station a moving truck, etc. It’s clear that moving is more than just relocating from point A to B. To make it simple, good advice is to find local NYC movers. They have the necessary experience to deal with this big city. They are also skilled at tackling a local move fast. However, you should always strive to find the best movers possible.

Moving crew unloading the truck try to find the best relocation companies in NYC
Finding the right moving company to handle NYC is the key to a smooth move

Best moving companies will be able to provide a full pallet of services should you require them. In addition through their expertise, they will be able to make your move easier. But finding the best movers requires preparation and research. Here is what to ask your movers and how to go about it:

  • Check for licenses
  • Research online
  • Make sure they know the city
  • Check reviews and get recommendations


Proper moving companies must have relevant licenses to perform their activities. Be sure to check on this while searching for the best relocation companies in NYC. Having a valid moving license is the guarantee that the company is approved for business. This also means that they are not scammers but accredited to do the job. This first step will help you protect yourself from many scammers the operate the market. Opting for a cheap moving company without a license is a huge risk that you have to avoid. Choosing your movers this way opens the possibility of your items being stolen, damaged, or lost.

So, looking only for fully licensed companies is the first step in your search. Do not hesitate to do a background check into the trustworthiness and reliability of the moving company. It can make the difference between a smooth move and a headache all along the way. It may also lead to finding that can provide full service but also an affordable move with all of the necessary licenses and references.

Traffic rush
Movers must be able to tackle NYC traffic rush and narrow streets

Do a thorough research

Luckily researching today is easy with the availability of the internet. You can easily find many moving companies online. In addition, you can also find a lot of info and data about them independently. This will allow you to narrow down your search to the movers you believe can handle your move properly. An online search will allow you to gather a lot of data about the company so you make an informed decision. Try to compare multiple companies before making a decision. A good rule is to compare at least three companies to make the right decision.

Do they know the city?

New York City is like no other place. Cramped quarters, narrow allies and nonexistent parking is the reality of this city. To complete the move fast and successfully the movers here have to know the ins and outs of the city. They must be able to navigate and deal with all of the eccentricities of New York. This means that they have to go about their business with as little distraction and disruption to the traffic and sidewalk. They must be able to navigate narrow alleys, corridors, and tight staircases. Also, a little creativity is needed to sometimes lift furniture through a window rather than hauling it up staircases. This personal touch from your local SEKA moving company can go a long way. You should enquire into your mover’s experience in working on NYC streets and buildings. Their experience will be invaluable for the successful completion of your move in NY.

Check reviews

The availability of data over the internet is a great thing. You can utilize social media to get all the reviews you can about movers. It is simple today. Facebook, Google, Yelp, and other websites are great sources of information. You can easily look for any mention of the company and find moving experiences from users. Off course, you can start from the reviews on the mover’s website, but any other comments and notes are valuable. So, try to check out the online reputation of the companies you are researching. A good thing is if they have good reviews and recommendations from many users. The best relocation companies in NYC will also have a long history of good reviews.

Additional advice

As moving in New York is not easy you should take certain steps to ensure a smooth move. People are always on the move around the city making high demand for moving services. This is why you should start with your local move preparations well in advance. Try booking your movers as earlier as possible. Never wait for the last moment to look for movers. You should book your movers at least two or three weeks before your move.

Loaded moving truck
Make sure that your movers have the experience and references to handle the job

Plan to move during the slow season. This is when movers are mostly free and easier to come to buy. The slow seasons are fall and winter or from Memorial Day until Labor Day. This is when movers can be more flexible about moving dates and organization. They will also be inclined to offer discounts making the move cheaper. Try to negotiate with your movers.  Do not hesitate to broker a better deal and a lower price. Everybody is trying to save money in this expensive city so you should too.

About the best moving options for NYC

Finding the best relocation companies in NYC is not easy. However, with a little advice, you can manage. Just make sure to find your moving professionals locally. Inter-city movers have the necessary experience and smaller trucks to navigate this hectic city. There are plenty of companies to choose from so do your research.

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