How often should you disinfect your office furniture

Cleaning and disinfecting an office is a must, to protect yourself, other employees, and clients too. But, how often should you disinfect your office furniture, and how to do it properly? You can your co-workers are spending a lot of time in the office, it is like your second home, so make sure it is clean, decluttered, and disinfected too. All the offices are paying more attention now to disinfection because of the pandemic.

Office floors and furniture can get dirty very quickly, more quickly than furniture in your home. Keep in mind that you need to disinfect the office more often during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • High-traffic areas such as entranceways, office kitchens, desks, and bathrooms should be disinfected once a month but during the pandemic, every 2 weeks. Of course, cleaning is an everyday task but disinfecting does not have to be an everyday task.
  • Moderately high-traffic areas such as hallways and meeting rooms should be disinfected (deep cleaned) every few months. Disinfect your office furniture by hiring professionals but some of the furniture can be disinfected without them, such as office desks you are using every day.
Conference room.
Make sure to have a spotless office so you can work freely in a nice environment
  • Carpeted areas need to be deep cleaned once a year.

Declutter your office

Before cleaning and disinfecting your office and office furniture, you should declutter it and make sure to have an open space where you can work and be productive. But, where to store all your goods and office furniture you don’t need often or don’t use? One of the solutions is choosing the right storage service which is a great and safe place to store all your items.

Many businesses have a storage unit. It is cheaper than renting a bigger office space. Also, there are other benefits of long-term storage rental as well, especially if you are selling products. Workers will be more productive when they don’t have a lot of unnecessary items around them to bother.

How to disinfect your office furniture?

Now when you know how often to deep clean office areas and furniture, the question is how to do it? The first thing you will need is disinfecting supplies. And then you can try.

Supplies to disinfect your office furniture.
Buy disinfecting supplies and you should not work that day. You better make sure to disinfect everything properly

When disinfecting a desk unplug everything (monitors, keyboards, mice, desk fans, etc), don’t just switch things off. You can use disinfectant wipes to clean a desk and other wooden furniture in your office, shelves, wooden chairs, for example. Also, wipe your computer, printer, and other devices.

Pay attention to air quality and ventilation systems, besides deep cleaning furniture. You should disinfect your office furniture often, but the air should be fresh too. Bacteria, mold, and viruses are not only on your furniture but also in the air too, especially during this coronavirus pandemic and poor ventilation exacerbates the presence of these contaminants.

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