How much does it cost to buy a vacation house in the Hamptons

The rural setting of Hamptons, NY has been a popular summer getaway, esp. for people coming from NYC. Located on the eastern coast of Long Island, Hamptons attract people from various parts of the state; however, it seems New Yorkers are flocking to it the most. We all know that Long Island is an amazing place to live in, and boasting so many beaches, it is a great place to own a vacation home. So if you intend to buy a vacation house in the Hamptons and are interested in home prices, sit down, relax, have something to drink, and we can begin.

You have to be well-off to buy a vacation house in the Hamptons

One of the most elite vacation destinations must have an expensive real estate market, but it’s worth it. Who has cash won’t regret the decision. Choose a summer home, prepare a house before moving in, and start living a dream. With all the amenities that come with a home, you’ll wish to stay in there forever.

Abraham Lincoln on a five-dollar bill
You need a lot of money to buy a vacation house in the Hamptons.

How much money do I need to buy a vacation house in the Hamptons?

For quite some time, Capital City Movers NYC has been assisting wealthy people to move to the Hamptons. We figured out the best answer to this question is to show you some numbers. Depending on water amenities, the cost of buying the Hamptons vacation homes can vary significantly. Without further ado, let’s see median home prices:

  • a vacation house with no water: $995,000
  • a vacation house with a pool: $2,690.000
  • a waterfront house: $3,250,000
  • an oceanfront house: $6,375,000
  • a waterfront house with a pool: $4,550,000
  • an oceanfront house with a pool: $9,947,000

You don’t need to have all these amenities. Being in the Hamptons is enough to cool down without having a pool, right? Packing and moving outdoor furniture and setting up is more than enough to be contented with a second home. On the other hand, if you can afford luxury living, we don’t see why wouldn’t you pick an oceanfront home with a pool.

A man in a suit looking to buy a vacation house in the Hamptons
The Hamptons has diverse housing options.

Prestige doesn’t come cheap, but you can find affordable movers

That our experts from Moving and Storage NYC assisted many celebrities who purchased a summer house in the Hamptons testifies to their excellence in work. Finding an affordable yet reputable moving company, such as this, guarantees a stress-free move without overcharging, so-to-say, though you could handle any amount.

Get ready for lots of fun!

When you arrive at the place, skilled people can jump in and help with settling in. Locals from the Hamptons are real pros and will help you finish the process. Now vacation can finally begin! Will you dive into the Atlantic Ocean or jump into a pool first? Sipping a cocktail on a sunbed or eating seafood at a local restaurant? Have fun either way!


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