Hiring NYC movers in the summer – step by step guide

It’s always good to get some help while dealing with the moving process. And who can be better than some professionals? However, hiring a reliable moving company is a serious task. The range of the offered possibilities is wide. And now you need to make the right choice. What’s more, another very important thing that you need to think about is the time when you want to start your relocation. Summer, as you may guess, is the worst timing you can choose. Especially in a city like New York. However, if that is what you really want to do, here is some help. Check out our step by step guide on hiring NYC movers in the summer.

It’s all about time

As we have mentioned before, summer is not really the most desirable time to start your relocation. This is exactly the season when most of the people decide to bring about some changes in their lives. This is the time when many decide to relocate. Logically, then, moving companies like State to State Move, for example, are in a way overwhelmed with work. Most of the good ones are hired months in advance, and this reduces the number of available options. Sometimes, literally to none. But there is a way to handle it. Start on time! Don’t let yourself wait for the last minute. If you have already decided to hire an NYC moving company in the summer, you should be aware of the circumstances.

There is a person typing something on a laptop.
Remember to start your research on time.

Find and hire

No matter what kind of relocation you are up to, doing good research is essential before making any important decision. This works for the moving company quest as well. It would be great if you begin searching at least three months prior to the moving day. And, thanks to the internet, nowadays you can really find a reliable NYC moving company online. Go through the popular moving websites. Compare the offers. Contact each of the companies you find interesting. Think well. You’ll have enough time. And this is exactly the biggest advantage of in advance research- you’ll have time. Finally, when you are sure you have found what you were looking for, make sure you book your moving date 6 or 8 weeks before the move. This might seem like exaggerating, but believe it or not, this is really what you have to do.

Packing services

What’s more, some people also need additional help with the packing process, as well. Same as with the movers, you have to arrange the exact date with the packing professionals months in advance, too. If you need it, professionals can fast-track your packing process, but they are also very busy during the summer months. Therefore, don’t waste your time. The moment you arrange moving, arrange the packing services as well. Just remember one thing- it’s never too early if you really know what you want

Think about the date when hiring NYC movers in the summer

Summer months are the busiest ones, that’s clear so far. And yes, you must make a deal in advance. But, there is yet another very useful tip to employ when it comes to the date choice. Never choose the beginning of the month. People are prone to starting life changes exactly at the beginning of the month. However, the end of the month is an equally undesirable choice. If you can, try to pick some dates in the middle. Logically, give your best to avoid holidays. And last but not least, as you may guess, weekends are usually booked first. And logically, these days’ price must be a bit higher. But, if you choose some of the workdays, not only would you get more chances to book the service, but the price you’ll get would be more affordable.

There is a planner and a pen, something you will need when you are hiring NYC movers in the summer.
Careful planning is half of your work done.

Always have a back-up plan

When dealing with the moving preparations, you always give your best to figure out a good solution for everything.  However, if you are smart enough, you will always have a back-up plan in case something goes wrong. So, if you want to get moving professionals in NYC during the summer period, you must be prepared do act fast if something unexpected happens.

No one knows what may happen just a moment before your moving date comes. Don’t be surprised if you hear that the moving company’s truck suddenly broke, and they need to cancel your move. There is a lot of work to be done, and the truck capacity is, of course, limited. Luckily, this is something that doesn’t happen so often, but you can’t just sit still and wait to see what will happen next. You need to be prepared for everything. Therefore, take care that you always have at least three other names you can refer to for help if this unpleasant situation happens to you.

We are all just human beings

We know that in all the chaotic mess of relocating and thinking of how to best prepare your home before you move in, you usually don’t seem to actually notice those several strangers who are helping you to move safely. They are considered just like some passers-by who are doing their job. But, it’s not exactly like that. They are not machines and their job is not easy at all. So, if you are hiring NYC movers during the summer, try to remember to bring them some fresh and cool water from time to time, or to treat them with some pizza or cookies when the work is done. Really, it will not bother you too much, but be sure that it will mean them a lot.

There is a person pouring some water in a glass.
Be kind to your movers, offer them a glass of water.

And those would be some of the main things to remember when hiring professional help during the summer NYC relocation. To sum it up, let’s make a quick reminder:

  • start on time
  • think about your moving date
  • have a back-up plan
  • take care of your movers

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