Hidden gems of New York City

You have moved to NYC recently and how it is time to adjust to a new environment. Of course, you should visit Central Park, Times Square, and other famous places. But, if you want to feel like a real local here, you should explore hidden gems of New York City and visit those places. Even if you are a tourist, you should see those hidden and unique places too.

Exploring a new place is the best way to adapt after moving to NYC. Meet new people, find your new favorite spot in the city, a small coffee shop where you will be a regular guest, etc. Luckily for you, NYC is a city with plenty of those small hidden places.

How to pack and transport items safely to NYC?

Before you move to NYC, you need to pack and move. If you’re coming from abroad start with packing as soon as possible and make sure to pack your items properly so they will survive a long relocation.

Moving boxes.
Before you move to NYC, you should pack and transport all your items safely

Even if you are moving locally, packing and moving won’t be easy. Stress is sometimes unavoidable but you can reduce it a little bit when you know that your items are in safe hands and properly packed in the right packing supplies. The best option is to find a company and rent/buy all the packing material and supplies you need, for example from Capital City Bins.

Hidden gems of New York City you should visit

No matter if you are just a visitor or a resident of NYC, hidden gems are the best part to explore in any city. Here are some places you should visit and see (or try).

  • Spend the afternoon in the museum of ice cream. It is a paradise for ice cream lovers.
  • A tropical rainforest is a place to get away from the concrete jungle.
  • Shop the Brooklyn Night Bazaar and spend your free time there, especially if you moved to Brooklyn. Brooklyn has great neighborhoods for singles because of the fun places to offer.
  • One of the hidden gems of New York City is The Old City Hall Subway Stop too.
  • The Whispering Gallery is a place to visit if you are looking for a romantic place to go to.
  • Elevated Acre is a place to visit when you want to enjoy craft beers and to escape the chaos of the busy city streets.
  • Visit the Berlin Wall in NYC – five pieces of the Berlin Wall are now hidden around New York.
  • Water Street Rooftop is a hidden airplane runway that is not functional but the rooftop turns the light switches on.
A view of gems of New York City.
Explore NYC and enjoy it.

These were just some of the hidden gems of New York City, now it is up to you to research more and to explore. It is part of adjusting to a city and becoming a local here in this big concrete jungle.

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