Guide to staging your NYC apartment like a pro

Your NYC apartment may seem like a great deal. It may be in a great location in a good building. It may also have a great layout and plenty of light but it might not spark buyer interest when you try to sell it. Your apartment may not seem that great to potential buyers and get the attention it deserves. This situation will ultimately come down to and influence its price. So, it is important to do something to make it more appealing. This is where the staging process comes in. You can always try to stage it to make it more appealing and present it as a great place to live. Here is a short guide to staging your NYC apartment that can help you sell it, boost the price, and get a better response from the buyers.

Staging – what is it

Staging entails the presentation of your property in the best light possible. When you are staging you are essentially adapting it so that it is presented at its best. The staging process does not guarantee a sale or a price increase but it can help buyers decide more quickly.

A modern living room
Staging your apartment is a great way to make it more desirable for potential buyers

Staging achieves that by helping buyers get a sense of what an apartment could look like and what it would be like to live there. The staging process can encompass a variety of steps, from simple fixes that do not cost much to more in-depth changes.

Simple fixes

Staging does not have to take a lot to do. It can be done more or less effortlessly. A short guide to staging your NYC apartment must encompass:

  • Cleaning and decluttering
  • Rearranging
  • Lighting


The best way to make a good impression is to keep the place clean. Make sure that your home is kept clean and organized to make a good impression. You can also declutter the apartment to make it look more spacious. Use the opportunity to get rid of the surplus of items you don’t need. If not you can secure space for your items by leasing storage in one of the self-storage facilities. 


Make sure to rearrange the furniture after you clean the clutter. This will allow you to better utilize the space and present the apartment as more spacious. This will allows a buyer to more easily picture himself in the space and envision his organization and décor. Make sure you put away all of your belongings that might be too much for the occasion.


Well, light spaces give out a great impression. Make sure to point out just how much natural light your apartment is getting. Open the shades and curtains and let the light in. If that is not the case, use more lamps and stronger bulbs to present the apartment and its good sides.

A well lit kitchen space
Make sure to let a lot of light in to make space feel warmer and homier

In addition, you can make some of the more radical changes that will help with its presentation. Fix the hinges, remedy scuffs, scrapes, and tears to make the place more presentable. Also, invest in painting to liven up space and freshen it up. If you use more neutral colors your buyers will be able to easily see the place as their own and consider buying it. Arrange with Lift Moving and Storage and put some of your belongings in storage and out of the way for these activities.

So, your staging effort will not guarantee you a sale or a much higher price. it will, however, help the buyer decide. It will help exceed his expectation when he comes for a viewing. Do not neglect staging and its power and influence. Besides this guide to staging your NYC apartment, do more research and get professional help to start staging like a pro.


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