Guide to Queens neighborhoods for beginners

Somehow, it seems most people equate living in New York with Manhattan’s busy lifestyle. Of course, this is far from the truth, because there are other boroughs, like Queens, which have a more suburban feel. Depending on your requirements and lifestyle, Queens neighborhoods go from hip and trendy to old-fashioned and family-friendly. So, before making the move, it’s important you research the area and find the one that suits you best. To help you out, we’ve outlined five different neighborhoods in Queens, so read on carefully and take your pick.


To start off, here’s a great find which is all about suburban atmosphere. More and more people are flocking here in search of an intimate feel, but also lower rents and more affordable prices. Indeed, Sunnyside is definitely among the Queens neighborhoods with most reasonable rents, with median rent being around $1,800. This is also a very culturally diverse area, which is especially reflected in international cuisine. Whether you’re up for some Mexican classics or Italian dishes, the variety of ethnic restaurants won’t disappoint you. Sunnyside is probably best known for Sunnyside Gardens Historic District, which is one of the first planned communities in the state. Moreover, this is one of the friendliest neighborhoods to live in, so you’ll definitely feel included in the community.

The only possible downside to be aware of before your moving preparations is that there’s a shortage of green spaces. But don’t panic just yet, because there are ways to obtain a key to the private park in the area. Runners and hikers, however, prefer to go to Williamsburg and use their track instead.

mexican food
Sunnyside’s diverse population is reflected in the delicious ethnic cuisine which all foodies adore


Moving on to one of the trendier Queens neighborhoods, the so-called Greek capital of NYC. With less than a 20-minute subway ride from Grand Central, Astoria is an ideal neighborhood for young professionals. But the excellent location is just the tip of the iceberg – there’s so much more to this area you’ve yet to discover. First off, the booming arts scene here means Astoria is a great place to settle down in if you’re an aspiring artist. With cultural attractions like the Museum of the Moving Image, Astoria is quite an attraction in the art world.

When it comes to the residents, be sure you’ll fit in no matter the lifestyle. This neighborhood is home to immigrants from one hundred countries, just another one among the most diverse Queens neighborhoods. The Greeks, however, stand out the most, and their cuisine is what makes so Astoria famous. It’s important to know that this area is undergoing gentrification, which has led to rising rents and higher prices in shops and restaurants. Still, Astoria Park’s charm in summer is something you can’t possibly miss, even just as a visitor.


While we’re still in West Queens, east of Sunnyside there’s another great neighborhood, also known as Irishtown. Once largely Irish, it’s now home to 49 different nationalities, one of many multicultural Queens neighborhoods. And while a reputable moving company can ensure a Woodside relocation done with ease, let’s first take a look at what it has to offer. First off, this is a relaxed community, what with so many Irish pubs that set this friendly vibe. There’s a myriad of festivals and fairs to visit throughout the year as well. Of course, this being an Irish neighborhood, the famous Saint Patrick’s Day parade as the main attraction.

In recent years, Woodside is seeing a rise in popularity as more people from Manhattan flock here. The main reason is the commodity of space, but a quieter life is one of the reasons as well. With the height of residential moving, this neighborhood is getting more crowded, and the average rental price has risen to around $2,000. Add wonderful parks to the list and you’ve got yourself a convenient neighborhood waiting for you to make it your home.

Irish pub in Woodside, one of Queens neighborhoods
Woodside is an affordable neighborhood famous for its Irish pubs and relaxing atmosphere

Long Island City

When looking to move to your new address in Queens, this alluring neighborhood will definitely catch attention. Indeed, Long Island City is currently on the rise, and hardly anyone can resist its charm. It’s known as the art capital of the neighborhood, with many museums and sculpture parks. The most popular one, of course, is The MoMA PS1, the largest institution in the world of contemporary art.

But even though the area is rapidly evolving, the prices are still quite affordable, especially when compared to Manhattan or Brooklyn. And although we mentioned the Irish pubs of Woodside, LIC is the beer capital of NYC. And let’s not forget the spectacular views you can enjoy from Hunter’s Point Park South waterfront park. This site has already become a popular tourist attraction, as it offers probably a spectacular view of Manhattan and the Empire State Building. If you wish to be a part of this up-and-coming neighborhood, finding a reliable NYC moving company online has never been easier.

contemporary art piece
Contemporary art is thriving in Long Island City, making it among the best Queens neighborhoods for all aspiring artists


Last but not least, here one of the best Queens neighborhoods if you’re moving with kids. The detached houses and low property taxes are making Bayside a popular neighborhood among many families, but their public schools are the number one reason. With less than four miles away from the beach, you are bound to enjoy yourself in this wonderful neighborhood. Learn to catch crabs, launch kayaks or relax by going shell searching – Bayside is for anyone who loves living by the water. Other activities include surfing, golf or swimming at the public pool, to name but a few.

When it comes to shopping and restaurants, it can all be found it Bell Boulevard. You’ll find everything from local mom-and-pop shops to The Bay Terrace, one of the town’s shopping malls. Overall, Bayside is a close-knit community consisting mostly of families with children. It’s also a famous summer retreat, which is why so many people buy homes along the coast. Whatever your reason, you’re sure to enjoy it here for sure!

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