Downsize Your Home in 5 Simple Steps

The process of moving to a smaller place can be both liberating and economical. Although at first, it might seem a bit overwhelming, there are ways to simplify it all. In order to downsize your home without stress, it’s important to have a moving plan first. If you are able to break down the overall process into multiple stages, then you can focus all your energy and efforts on one task at a time. Throughout the rest of the text, we’ll highlight a few simple and hassle-free steps to follow when downsizing.


Whatever your reason for downsizing might be, it is always important and beneficial to have a moving plan. A well-structured plan keeps you organized and efficient as it enables you to break down a big project into a few smaller steps. Tackling something in a few steps is much easier than looking at the big picture. Therefore, come up with a good plan and use it as a guide while you downsize your home.

An illustration of priorities when you need to downsize your home
Being prepared ahead with a well-structured plan is already a successful move on its own.

Downsize Your Home

As emphasized above, any successful relocation begins with a good plan. Preparing ahead and organizing each stage of this move will simplify the overall process, enabling you to enjoy it and not stress. The key to efficiently downsize your home is to begin early and start small. A timeline is important as it helps you organize yourself and the tasks that should be completed. Therefore, if you are able to control the timeline and move gradually, you will notice how easy the process becomes.

Decluttering 101

One of the most important stages of downsizing your home is the decluttering stage. Although it might seem difficult to get rid of items and belongings, it is necessary. The key when moving to a smaller space is that less is more. Begin by going room by room and categorizing. Only give yourself a yes and a no pile, and don’t dwell or overthink on the maybe’s. In order to create more productivity, why not have a garage sale where you can sell excess items, or perhaps even donate them so someone else can put them to use. Another benefit of decluttering is that your move automatically becomes lighter, hence simplified.

Labeled moving boxes.
Categorizing your items and labeling your boxes is important when downsizing and moving.


Once you get rid of excess items and duplicates you have collected throughout the years, it is time to pack. When it comes to packing, it is important to be organized about it. The more organized packing, obviously the easier the unpacking process becomes. For example, if you categorize your boxes and label them properly when you are settling into your new home, you will know exactly which box to start with and what’s in it.

Before you begin packing, ensure to have all the necessary materials and supplies you will need for it. Lower your expenses by getting already used boxes. Check your local grocery and convenience stores for cardboard boxes they don’t need. As long as you make sure they are sturdy and use enough tape, you have packing storage for less!


Sometimes, it is impossible to completely get rid of everything when you have to downsize your home. There are items you can give away, items you can sell, but you also have the option of storing the items for some time down the road. If it fits within your budget, you can find a good storage unit where you can place a few items for later use.

Old Home vs New Home

This step should be done at the very beginning or at least sorted out as you continue throughout the process of downsizing. To downsize your home means to move to a smaller apartment or house. Once you figure out your finances and budget, you can put together a wish list of what you are looking for in your new home.

Once you are able to strategize that aspect and begin your search, hire a real estate agent to help you sort the process out. A professional in the field can take the stress out of research for you while assisting you to find the perfect home.

Meanwhile, work on your current home to be able to sell it efficiently. Getting a profit is also key!

Simple Steps

When you are trying to downsize your home, the best thing to do is take it day by day and step by step. Why? Because this way you can focus on each task individually, allowing yourself to be efficient and productive with the task at hand. There is no point in overthinking and over-stressing ahead of time. Therefore, remember these few steps for a successful move and home downsize:

  • start early
  • plan the entire process ahead
  • breakdown the overall project into daily tasks
  • declutter and remember ‘less is more’
  • pack efficiently and in an organized manner
  • hire professional assistance if necessary (real estate agent, moving company)
  • get a storage unit if needed
The illustration of distinct steps of a process.
Breaking down a big project into a few simple steps helps you focus more efficiently.

Your Move Your Way

Moving should be a fun experience! It’s a fresh start and a change of scenery, therefore put stress aside and enjoy this relocation. With your efficiency and focus alongside our simple tips we shared today, you will downsize your home in no time.

Just because you are downsizing your home, doesn’t mean you are downsizing your life. Therefore, don’t hold onto things and items that have been there for a while and you haven’t even noticed. Things you know you haven’t seen or used in years, and have no sentimental value, you should get rid of. Free yourself of excess and unnecessary belongings and notice a big change!

You are practically in charge of it all, so as long as you can construct a good and easy plan to follow throughout, you are looking at one successful move. Stay focused and organized, and happy moving!

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