Creative ideas for storing your bicycle

Sometimes the distance to work can be close to 20 km just one way. But this doesn`t mean that the modern man nowadays is not using it as means of transportation. Especially during these pandemic times where the gyms are most of the time closed, combining aerobic exercises with the necessity of getting to work first thing in the morning can really work wonders for you. Here are some creative ideas for storing your bicycle, in case you don`t own a car and you are depending on it every day.

Permanent type racks mounted on the wall directly

Please do note that these racks are pretty heavy, they can weigh close to a few hundred pounds. This is why you should consider renting a moving truck. This way you can easily transport them from the garage sale you found them all the way back home, also sparing a lot of money if driving the truck yourself.

A couple posing on a red bike and talking about creative ideas for storing your bicycle.
You will for sure want to keep forever the bike you and your loved one had the first kiss on., as a constant reminder of the day you met.

Vertical holding the bike by a single wheel

Either you are using one of the vertical stands which became popular lately, or just leaning it on the wall, holding the bike by a single wheel is going to save you so much of that floor space. It is indeed one of the most creative ideas for storing your bicycle, allowing you to have up to 4-5 bicycles in the area you would normally store one alone. 

In your balcony

If you live in a big condo and you have been blessed with a balcony, do try and keep it simple and not deposit unuseful things in there. Better keep it simple and store your 2-wheeled buddy in conditions of safety and security overnight. We can only hope that you live on the lower floors. And if you`re not, we do hope that you are lucky enough for the building to also have an elevator. If it is not the case, keep on smiling; extra cardio by taking the bike up and down the stairs. A balcony comes as an option if you need extra storage in your tiny apartment.

Free-standing racks

Many cyclists are leaving their precious gems outside in one of the free-standing racks in front of the buildings. So if you`re one of those persons which see the good in people, just make sure to put a cover on it overnight. Anyway, your bike can only get stolen once, so when night falls just place your head on the pillow, close your eyes leaving the stress aside.

A bunch of bicycles in a free-standing rack outside.
During the pandemic, cycling became so much popular. This is the reason why bike thefts spiked across the U.S.

In the garage

Not really one of the most creative ideas for storing your bicycle but still a safe and secure way to protect your Roadrunner. In case your garage is currently a mess, think about all of the extra room you could use. With this in mind, allocate a few hours daily and tidy it so that you can make the most out of it. Finding it hard to get started? Read our article on how to maximize storage space in your garage. I am sure it will give you that extra boost of motivation.

Wall hooks and ceiling mounts

Wall hooks and ceiling mounts are great ways to save floor space as well. But beware to contract some professionals to do it. You wouldn`t want your Heavy Metal to fall on your head because of a poorly placed screw.

There are many creative ideas for storing your bicycle out there. An also inside as well. Just make sure you pick up the one which is the more convincing. And the one that, as mentioned earlier, allows you to have a proper and stress-free good night`s sleep.

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