Common concerns families have during Seattle to NYC move

Organizing a family relocation from Seattle to New York City is not something simple, easy, and stress-free. On the contrary, moving to the Big Apple can be exhausting for most parents. For this reason, here you can find some common concerns families have during Seattle to NYC move.

Many families are worried not to forget something important during Seattle to NYC move

First of all, many parents feel enormous pressure not to forget something important when relocating from one place to another. This is why it is of great importance to plan your move from Seattle to New York City to the smallest details. To begin with, take a notebook and use it just for your moving plan and start with the organization as soon as possible. One part of your planner should be all about moving tasks. Then, you need to create unique packing checklists for every member of your family. For example:

  • clothes
  • books
  • toys
  • furniture

Furthermore, each part of the list should have its own list. If you have “clothes”, then you should create a checklist:

  1. Winter jackets
  2. Christmas sweaters
  3. Jeans
  4.  Summer dresses
  5. T-shirts

The next list should be about the furniture items and things from each room in your house in Seattle. And even before you plan to start packing, we advise you to prepare seasonal clothes that you are not wearing at the moment for transport and save some time.

Concerns families have during Seattle to NYC move are connected to professional movers

Moreover, hiring a moving company that has everything a certain family is looking for in terms of services and other things can also be a concern for some people. Therefore, when moving out of Seattle with your loved ones, try to find reliable people with experienced workers like those behind But, before you make the final decision about whether a certain moving company is good enough for you, consult with the rest of your family and do not hesitate to ask the people you know with experience in relocating for opinions and recommendations. Moreover, read the reviews carefully and patiently, and do not hurry to hire them if most of them are positive before you check their services and prices. Plus, we recommend contacting the company representative and asking about the things that matter to you when relocating to New York City from Seattle with your family members. 

Finding the right moving company for your family moving from Seattle to the Big Apple online can be stressful.

Many parents worry about their kids’ adaptation to new surroundings in New York City

Also, what comes to mind for many parents when preparing to move with their kids to a new place is their little ones’ adaptation to new surroundings. For parents with introverted and anxious children, this can be a major concern during the move. They tend to worry about how their kids will adapt to a new school and how other students will accept them. Luckily, New York City is very accepting towards everyone; it is a multicultural and diverse place with many excellent educational opportunities.

So, we assure you that after leaving Seattle, your kids will be pretty satisfied with their new life in the Big Apple. and they will make new friends very quickly. In addition, New York City has many interesting extracurricular activities and opportunities for sports, reading, drama, and art. Your kids can easily be drawn to some of these hobbies. Importantly, new activities and experiences can affect their mental health positively. Furthermore, that will make them feel less confined, and you will soon notice a change in their behavior.

A girl studying as a means to overcome one of the concerns families have during Seattle to NYC move.
Among the concerns families have during Seattle to NYC move is whether children will adapt to a new school.

Providing the right moving supplies can be a concern for some families during Seattle to NYC move

Furthermore, we advise you to prepare everything properly and on time when it comes to moving supplies to avoid concerns about them as well. Many families are worried about packing certain items that are more sensitive, like easily breakable figurines. Also, works of art or valuable objects like musical instruments are a source of moving anxiety too. Instead of worrying about this, if possible, use the original packaging for some of these things. For those items that do not have packaging provide enough bubble wrap, paper, and other things you need to protect them during transport. Before packing your precious instruments, clean them properly, and provide the containers that will be perfect for their size and safety. 

Some families are concerned about finding the right home for their loved ones in the Big Apple

Importantly, searching for the right home when moving from Seattle to New York City can be very stressful for many families. Even after finding and hiring a good and reliable agent and choosing a new place, they tend to be worried about how they will adapt to it. In order to help your kids feel safe immediately in your new apartment or house in the Big Apple, you can use some tricks. For example, when you arrive at your new address, have a box with family photos in frames and your kids’ favorite toys and mugs prepared. Put photographs in visible places, give them the toys and make sure they start to use their old mugs immediately. This will help them a lot to feel at home and will calm their anxiety after moving. And yours as well.

Living room.
Worrying about choosing the right family home in NYC is common.


Finally, to conclude, there are many common concerns families have during Seattle to NYC move. To begin with, the fear of forgetting something important for the children is present. Then, there are worries about hiring the right movers. One of the most terrifying fears that parents have is how their children will adapt to a new school, home, and neighborhood. Also, some are worried about providing the right kind of moving supplies for items that are valuable and sensitive. Lastly, many parents have doubts about the home they have acquired for their loved ones in a new city.

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