Budget friendly in-house storage solutions

Running a sustainable household can be difficult and costly. To help you save money, we have budget friendly in-house storage solutions for you. With our storage tips, you can get extra storage in your home and avoid spending money on storage units. 

The first on our list of budget-friendly in-house storage solutions are cardboard boxes 

storage unit can be expensive and not money efficient if you store things for a long time. To avoid paying for a storage unit, you should use cardboard boxes. You probably have some in your house. But if you do not, you can get them online for cheap. However, cardboard boxes are not aesthetically pleasing, you should probably store them in a garage, attic, or somewhere people can not see them. 

a man covered with boxes
Cardboard boxes are not pretty but are a cheap storage solution.

Using plastic bins for storage 

Plastic bins are more expensive than cardboard boxes, but they offer different benefits. 

  • Why do we think plastic bins are one of the budget friendly in-house storage solutions? Because of their cost, they offer protection from humidity. You have to seal cardboard boxes with tape, but plastic bins have lids that close tightly and prevent your items from getting damaged. 
  • The second benefit of plastic bins is that they are easier to incorporate into your home’s aesthetic. If you are creative and buy plastic containers in different colors, you can make them part of your home’s interior design. 

The third on our list of budget-friendly in-house storage solutions are hangers 

Hangers are one of the most inexpensive items you can buy for storage. In addition, to their cost, they are also easy to install. You can get a ton of them and install them in your closet to hang your clothes, and because they are hidden, they won’t make the room look bad. You can also install hangers in your garage and put your tools on them. 

Getting furniture with extra storage 

If you are thinking about storage when buying furniture for your home, you can make your home look pleasing and have storage. Many furniture options look good and have extra storage. For example, you can create extra storage in the bedroom if you buy a nightstand with more drawers or a bed that has storage under neat it. Many types of furniture will look good and have storage, like ottomans, extended kitchen tables, stackable chairs. 

brown wooden cabinet
One of the most budget friendly in-house storage solutions is furniture with many drawers.

The final tip is to organize a garage sale 

How can you get more storage in your home? By getting rid of unwanted things. Organize a garage sale and sell all of your items to people. When you complete your garage sale – you will have more free space and money to invest in our storage solutions. 


These are our budget friendly in-house storage solutions. If you follow them, you will certainly have more space to store your items. 

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