Best Florida cities for NYC homebuyers

No matter how exciting and unusual the world’s brightest city may be, sometimes one can be tired of everything. In search of a new home and a location bordering on peace and excitement, you’re sure to consider Florida. Florida can be the perfect place to escape. Long sandy beaches and the sun will recharge your batteries, and you will feel like on an extended vacation. On the other hand, its favorable economic position will allow you to secure a good job and good living conditions. Before you start planning the detail of your future life, it is essential to check the best Florida cities for NYC homebuyers in order to find the right place for you.

Find yourself a beautiful place to live

Moving to Florida is someone’s dream come true. For some people, it is a perfect family place and for others a great business opportunity. You win if you can combine both. Buying a home in Florida is not the easiest thing to do nowadays with all those rocketing prices due to many world factors. Also, Florida is very popular and many people are searching for their homes right there. When we account for all these, the best would be to target some smaller towns, make an appointment with a real estate agent, and avoid big tourist centers. If you take this into account, the best Florida cities for NYC homebuyers would be:

  • Cape Coral
  • Palm Beach
  • Tampa

After you decide, you need a reliable collaborator to move your life south. A big city like New York will give you many options, and the search for the right one can take. In the end, you will definitely reach people from Orange Mover. They are, by all measures, professional and reliable long-distance movers.

Have a sunny day

Located in the southwest part of Florida, Cape Coral is nested in the Gulf of Mexico and it represents one of the most beautiful Florida cities for NYC homebuyers. Home prices are around the US state’s median which is perfect. Nature is remarkable all around Florida, but here, long white sand beaches are just charming and the water is dreamy blue. This fairy tale city has over 265 sunny days a year so don’t forget to bring light clothing. Another tempting fact is that this city is known as the third most affordable city in Florida for work and life.

Palm trees on the road
This is going to be a great change for you

One of the best Florida cities for NYC homebuyers is Palm Beach

Palm Beach is seated on Barrier Island in the central part of Palm Beach County. This is maybe the smallest town on our list but, for sure, it is among the most beautiful ones. Even if it is small in size and population, this is one of those wonderful small places to live, and it can be a great place to consider if you are looking for the best Florida cities for NYC homebuyers. House prices are higher than the national median but the average salary is also above.  This town has beautiful beaches all around. Besides charming beaches town of Palm Beach offer a lot more outdoor activity. You can have all that. If you buy yourself a home here, let skilled neighbors jump in when it comes to moving and settling in.

A more lively way of life

Tampa is a bit bigger than Cape Coral, and a bit more expensive but you can be sure that this will pay off.  Home prices are just a bit over the national median, so it is still affordable if you save some money and keep an eye on the budget. The job market is strong around here and the average salary is also over the national median so you can be sure that you are going to have a quality life. The job market here is big and offers all kinds of opportunities. This is one of the best cities in Florida for NYC homebuyers who are going to move with their family.  The stunning beaches of Tampa are a must-see, but you can spend your time at Hyde Park, Davis Island and Westshore offer the best housing options.

Tampa is among the best Florida cities for NYC homebuyers
Your life will look like a vacation from the dreams

You will be amazed by the fact that Florida cities for NYC homebuyers are so beautiful and welcoming. The decision to move here may be one of the best you have made in your life.

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