Best Cities in Canada for Single New Yorkers

Canada can be a great place for singles so since many New Yorkers are moving there we will be showing you the best cities in Canada for single New Yorkers. There is plenty of them but we narrow it down to 10 picks you should research as soon as you read this.

10 best cities in Canada for single New Yorkers

  1. Hamilton, Ontario – waterfalls in Hamilton are very romantic
  2. St. John’s, Newfoundland
  3. Edmonton, Alberta
  4. Vancouver, British Columbia
  5. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  6. Kelowna, British Columbia
  7. Regina, Saskatchewan
  8. Toronto, Ontario
  9. Montreal, Quebec
  10. Quebec City, Quebec

Just like seniors usually choose New Hampshire after retirement, singles choose Canada. Bigger cities like Toronto and Montreal are better for NY singles because there are more single people and more places for entertainment and better nightlife but those smaller places are actually more romantic like Hamilton with the most romantic waterfalls.

Toronto is the number 1 pick amongst New Yorkers

This town in general is the most beloved Canadian city amongst Americans. Some claim that’s because Toronto looks a bit like NYC and it does a bit mainly because there are many New York ex-pats there. In this city, you have plenty of perks of living in NYC and you get all the perks of living in Canada like free healthcare for all permanent residents. Moving from NY to Toronto is not easy, especially if you are bringing everything (like your furniture and such) with you. Luckily Canadian local movers are amazing and they will gladly help you. You can leave your stuff in good hands and they will help you with settling in.

Toronto at night as one of the best cities in Canada for single New Yorkers
Toronto is by far the most popular city amongst Americans.

Check those out too

Ottawa is a beloved place in Canada amongst New Yorkers. People there are known to be friendly towards USA ex-pats. It might not be as romantic but you should at least take it into consideration. Calgary and Whitehorse are also great cities worth exploring.

Love is in the air

Maybe you will find the love of your life there. Canadians are known to have very beautiful people. Ryan Renolds, Justin Bieber, Pamela Anderson, and Shay Mitchell are all Canadians. After checking all those out and making a final decision you can call

love grafitti
Some of the most beautiful people are from Canada.

Things you should know as American moving to Canada

  • nature there is amazing
  • you will have much better healthcare options
  • it’s safer
  • people are friendlier
  • it might be colder than what you are used to
  • don’t be surprised to hear french but you can do well without ever learning it
  • everywhere you turn there will be some great lake

All jokes aside you need to research this country well before moving there. Even though it’s pretty close it is nothing like the USA and there will be some things you will need to get used to (like the cold depending on the city you choose).

A few parting words

Don’t worry about fitting in, you will do just fine. Canadians are very friendly and they will make you feel welcome. Few years and you won’t even think about New York. This is just that kind of place. Good luck and surely you will choose the best option for you.

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