Benefits of buying second-hand furniture

In the United States alone, as much as 10 million tons of furniture end up in landfills each year. That is why raising awareness about the ecological consequences of wastefulness and excessive consumption is more important than ever. Recycling and repairing still functional pieces is also a way to save a lot of money on furniture. Antique and vintage furniture is typically structurally and stylistically of higher quality than the furniture you can purchase from IKEA or other affordable manufacturers. So, those homeowners who are on a budget but want unique pieces should definitely find out more about the benefits of buying second-hand furniture.

Reducing waste is one of the major benefits of buying second-hand furniture

As mentioned, waste is becoming a huge problem all around the world. And big industries are very slow to make their sourcing, construction, and packaging of furniture and decor more environmentally friendly. Many homeowners are taking the responsibility to recycle furniture that would otherwise end up as waste.

And there is really no good reason not to switch to buying second-hand furniture instead of newly-built furniture. A fresh layer of paint or updated upholstery can be enough to turn a faded armchair or bed into a dashing, attention-grabbing piece. Plus, cruising through your local vintage shops in search of a lamp or a wardrobe can be incredibly entertaining. Why buy when you can just renovate?

Two red vintage arm chairs
Improve your home design and save the environment at the same time.

So, instead of supporting wasteful and irresponsible industries that stand behind large furniture companies, pack the antiques carefully, save the planet while refreshing your home at the same time!

Lower costs of second-hand furniture

Suppose sustainability is not something you worry about. In that case, you might be tempted to dive into the world of vintage and second-hand furniture pieces when you consider it is mostly sold off for a fraction of its initial value.

Antique furniture and decor can fit remarkably into a modern and minimalist design
A brown dresser with a mirror and antique sculptures

This is also a good strategy if you happen to be moving a lot due to work. You can rely on vintage or second-hand furniture during transition periods. If you have just moved into your place with the help of and you are just starting with renovations, you may temporarily put in second-hand furniture until you find the time to buy new pieces. Buying second-hand can also help avoid damaging your favorite possessions while redecorating.

Great craftsmanship of antique and vintage furniture

In the past, the materials and build quality were usually better than today. And most furniture pieces can be used almost indefinitely with a few simple repairs. For instance, tables, bookcases, display cabinets, chairs, and other wood furniture can be restored and placed in your home office, workshop, backyard, or summer home and serve their purpose for years to come.

You can customize or adjust second-hand furniture

Another benefit of buying second-hand furniture is that it is very easily adjustable. So, you can repurpose or repaint your pieces so that they fit your needs or aesthetics. People are often reluctant to intervene on new furniture. With vintage pieces, you will be able to unleash your creativity without feeling apprehensive.

Buying and selling second-hand rids you of your attachment to furniture

Aside from this, it is easier to avoid building a strong attachment to something that you did not buy in a furniture shop. So, if you ever get tired of a particular furniture piece, you can resell it without feeling bad about it.

A vintage white lamp, radio, and a vase with flowers
Find vintage pieces to make your living space unique.

Sometimes, people stash so much furniture in their rooms even though they do not need all of it. However, throwing out a bed or a closet you have spent a lot of money on can evoke a certain vague feeling of guilt.  

With second-hand and vintage furniture, you will always be able to console yourself that you will find a new owner who will appreciate it as much as you did while it was in your possession.

Many people decide to move to a smaller place and simply need to get rid of their furniture before doing so. That is a good opportunity for you to buying some second-hand furniture and equip your place.

Antiques and vintage furniture look amazing

Tastefully selected vintage furniture usually brings a certain air of luxury and mystique into the room. That is why many people love to rummage through antique shops. You may stumble upon a fantastic lamp from Thailand or an intricate Italian armchair. Intricate craftsmanship is not that easy to find nowadays. In fact, most manufacturers mass-produce furniture. And mass-produced items are usually built to break or wear quickly.

Also, as we already said, people tend to get tired of their furniture and decor easily. So, something someone labels as trash, you can treat as affordable treasure. You can find fantastic artwork, rugs, lamps, even older appliances that still work and save hundreds of dollars like that. Second-hand can also help you create the farmhouse kitchen of your dreams or embellish your home office without spending your entire salary on it.


In the consumer society we live in today, we tend to let go of our personal belongings very fast. Most people tend to throw away their furniture either because it is too old or slightly worn down. In fact, some even throw or give away expensive furniture that they inherited or cannot fit into their home decor. With a bit of luck and effort, you can take this to your advantage. With all of this in mind, buying second-hand furniture to furnish your living room makes a lot of sense.

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