7 things to adapt to when moving from NJ to NYC

Every day of life in New York is an adventure. Walking down the busy streets, meeting new people from all over the world, looking for your own place in the sun. A metropolis like this offers so many opportunities, but it also faces us with many challenges.  And no matter where you are coming from, it will take some time till you really understand the city’s soul. Thus, it won’t hurt if you get some tips in advance. Here are seven things to adapt to when moving from NJ to NYC.

1. Living costs after moving from NJ to NYC

Every well-developed relocation plan includes at least a word or two about finances. You should have a clear picture of how much money you will need for the very process of moving. Also, it’s good to have some outlines of the budget that will be necessary for your everyday life in the new city. And, truth to speak, living in New York is not really budget-friendly. What’s more, we can easily claim that it is the most expensive city in the whole USA. That’s why you will need to learn how to save money.

Living on a budget is nothing new, but in the city of New York, it’s not just a saying. Although you may not be used to it, you really have to take notes of all the expenses. Make a good strategy upon how you are going to manage rents, bills, and all the other monthly expenses. Take care of your money and everything will be just fine.

There is a woman sitting at the desk, counting some money, and there are a notebook and a pen in front of her.
Take care of your finances.

2. Smaller living space – one thing you’ll need to adapt to after moving from NJ to NYC

If you are used to living in a spacious apartment or a house, you’ll definitely need to give it up after coming to NYC. It is not easy to find an affordable home in New York. And, if you manage to find something that suits your budget, it may not suit your needs as well. That’s why you should learn to adjust your wishes to the given circumstances. First, let’s start with some decluttering. Get rid of all the unnecessary things from your home. You can sell them online, or you can donate them and make someone happy. Then, make some order in your life and start being practical. If you organize your space well, you’ll be surprised how cozy and comfortable your small home can be. And of course, never do it on your own. Going from one place to another is not an easy task, and that’s why moving should be done by professionals

3. Forget about silence

Everyone knows that New York is famous as a city that never sleeps. That means only one thing- living in New York is nothing but a lot of noise almost everywhere. People talking under your window. Car horns from the early morning hours. Some loud neighbors arguing or playing irritating music. All of these, and much more. So, before you check out bluebellmovingandstorage.com for some moving information, think well about whether or not you will be able to put up with this life pace. If you decide to give it a try, you’ll soon find yourself enjoying all the hustle and bustle like a real New Yorker.

There is a man screaming and covering his ears because of some loud noise he cannot adapt to after moving from NJ to NYC.
If you cannot beat them, join them.

4. Transportation issues

If you are a car owner, driving around New York City can be a real task. Not only will you have to deal with all those traffic jams and angry drivers at every corner, but there is also a question of parking. It is pretty hard to find a parking place on the Big Apple’s streets. Most of the properties there do not have their own parking spaces or garages. That’s why once you come from NJ to NYC you need to get used to the fact that it may take some time until you finally find the right place for your car. Following parking signs and restrictions is crucial here since penalties can be pretty expensive.

And it might be this very reason why most of the New Yorkers decide to use public transportation rather than driving their own car. Therefore, if you are fed up with commuting, living in New York will be a relief, since subways and buses can take you to every part of the city at a low cost.

5. Shopping habits

Since we’ve mentioned that using a car in the New York streets is both expensive and complicated, you will need to adjust your shopping habits to the given situation. That would mean that buying a huge number of groceries and making stocks is the past. People in New York usually go shopping on foot. Thus, logically, they only buy as much as they can carry with them. And although this will make your grocery visits more frequent than usual, you will soon figure out that it is definitely more practical than driving yourself to the store.

6. Organizing your time

Talking about the everyday hustle, there is one more thing you’ll need to adjust to after moving from NJ to NYC. You must become a real master in planning your time. Whenever you are going to go out, you need to know exactly how to get there and how long it will take.  And what’s even more important, always have a backup plan. New York is a huge city, and you can never know what may happen along the way. It may be that your train breaks down, or you can be caught in the middle of some traffic congestion. Therefore, if you want to avoid losing your temper on a daily basis, plan your outings for at least half an hour before the original time. Since you have already dealt with the relocation stress, let’s not make it be your everyday routine.

There is a man in a black suit, holding a bag and a jacket and looking at his watch.
Time flies in the city of New York.

7. Changing the eating habits

Finally, here is one last step towards your NJ to NYC adaptation. You might have to make some changes concerning your eating habits. Due to the specific life pace, it can happen that you don’t have enough time to have your lunch or your dinner at home. Finding a good restaurant is an acceptable yet not budget-friendly solution. Therefore, we recommend you to make your own meals and take them with you in a lunchbox. It may sound daunting right now, but you’ll see it really works.

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