6 reasons why millennials love Williamsburg

Want to move to NYC? Don’t know where you would settle down? Well one of the best boroughs in NYC you can choose is Brooklyn. It is a place that offers a great compromise between the hustle of the Big Apple and a more laid-back feel. Many young professionals and millennials have already set their sights on Brooklyn and particularly on Williamsburg. If you want to work in Manhattan and still have laid-back surroundings and the lifestyle of Brooklyn then here in Williamsburg you can have the best of both worlds. Aside from this, there are other reasons why millennials love Williamsburg. So, let’s explore a bit.

What do millennials need?

It seems that NYC and particularly Brooklyn is the place to be for millennials. It is all about what they need and want. The priorities of millennials are a lot different from the previous generations. These generations are all about the best possible quality of life. Millennials are highly professional and seek high and well-paid careers. However, they like to spend their hard-earned money on the finer things in life. Having the best time, there is the priority. Spending free time to the fullest, traveling, and enjoying life are at the top of the list for millennials. New York is just the place to provide all that.  But Williamsburg in Brooklyn stands out.

Guys skating which is why millennials love Williamsburg
Williamsburg caters to the needs of millennials

If you are a millennial and reading this then it is time to call Teddy Moving and Storage to organize your move as you have already made your decision. However, if we want to better understand why millennials choose Williamsburg then it’s important to understand what they want:

  • Affordability
  • Easy commute
  • Nightlife
  • Entertainment

What is it about Williamsburg?

Williamsburg is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is a Brooklyn neighborhood that offers a mixture of influences. Partly it is influenced by nearby Manhattan while Brooklyn also has its own particular influence. It has a laid-back feel and offers a soothing escape from the rush of Manhattan. But it is also a great place to have fun and enjoy life. The art scene, nightlife, and cultural offerings are all aspects of Williamsburg that are appealing to me younger generations. So, here are a few reasons why millennials love Williamsburg:

  • Location
  • Sense of community
  • Outdoors
  • Things to do
  • Culture
  • Opportunities

Central location

Williamsburg is centrally located and very well connected. It is a simple and fast commute from your home to your office in manhattan. This easy commute is one of re things that make it appealing. Either by subway, ferry, or by city bike it is easy to move back and forth. This makes it easy to both enjoy the more quiet Williamsburg and the city life and rush when you want. So, for millennials, it is practical and easy to have the best of both worlds here.

It offers peace and quiet and has an almost small-town feel. It is a place where you don’t have to own a car as the place is extremely easy to navigate. The area is very walkable and easy to move across by bicycle or any other alternative way.

Couple walking, walkability is one of the reasons why millennials love Williamsburg
The neighborhood is easy to navigate which is why millennials love Williamsburg

Sense of community

Williamsburg is an oasis of a big and diverse city. It is a big melting pot of foreigners that has built a huge community. There is a strong community vibe and sense of home here. So, anyone can find his place here and make great connections and relations with neighbors and the community as a whole. You can easily establish connections with locals, local shops, bar crowds, and acquaintances. This accepting and relaxing atmosphere makes it appealing for everyone and particulars millennials. No matter what their ethnicity, race, or culture, millennials sense that Williamsburg will accept them.

The waterfront and parks

You can have fun outdoors almost anywhere in Williamsburg. The waterfront is the place to be but there are many parks to visit. The are many happenings and festivals on the waterfront during the year. There are organized wine tastings, poetry readings, and other activities to enjoy even if you don’t have a lot of money. you can always visit a museum, an art gallery or enjoy some time at the library. With many parks, you can also enjoy jogging, hiking, biking, and outdoor exercising.

Bars, restaurants, and coffee shops

Being in line with a more relaxed and hedonic lifestyle Williamsburg offers a lot of other amenities to enjoy. The cuisine you can experience here is diverse. It can satisfy any taste and preference you may have. Your gourmet palate is tempted by a classic American menu, Mexican, or Japanese flavor. The restaurants are world-class and offer a great start to nightlife enjoyment.

Person sitting in a coffee shop
Williamsburg offers a laid back feel and joyfully everyday living

In addition, as coffee is a way of life here you can choose and pick your favorite barista. Coffee fanatics can have a ball experiencing different coffee flavors and enjoying a relaxed time at one of the many cafes. But if you are for a more dynamic night out then Williamsburg can offer many bars and clubs where you can listen to music and dance away.


Williamsburgh is also a cultural center of Brooklyn. It is a hipster mecca. With many galleries, and an amazing music scene it is a particular cultural center. It draws in free thinkers from all over and is a place for all sorts of artists and hipsters to find inspiration and create. Many artists are eagerly opening galleries in this cultural and educational center of Brooklyn. It is the trendiest neighborhood of New York with plenty for millennials to discover and experience.


Williamsburg is also a place of opportunity. It has a strong labor market and many jobs and career opportunities. As such it is a magnet for millennials seeking great business opportunities. It provides both a way to earn and spend money in a creative and interesting way. In this way, millennials are managing to enrich their lives and enjoy every single day in Williamsburg. This is exactly the reason for them to flock here in great numbers. For their relocation, assistance is around the corner with many movers prepared to handle their relocation in a minute.

Subway tracks
The neighborhood is very well connected and perfect for commuters

To conclude

There are plenty of reasons why millennials love Williamsburg. It is a special place offering a wealth of experiences and a great lifestyle. This is just what millennials need. Diversity and the opportunity to have a rich and high-quality life and live a dynamic lifestyle.

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