5 things to know when leaving LA for NYC

Moving from one state to another is not a simple thing to do, especially when those two states are completely different from each other such as California and New York. If you are leaving LA for NYC, what things you should know about this relocation and life in NYC. Note that moving to NYC will be a big change in your life and if you have never been here, be fully prepared for this step. How to move, what to know about NYC before moving there, how to adjust after moving, how to prepare your finances – there are so many things to take care of.

What to know when leaving LA for NYC

When moving to a new city, a lot of things will be unfamiliar to you (and your family if you are moving with them). Yes, you should explore NYC before moving and visit it, but it is not the only thing you should do. Moving can be so stressful, having some type of a moving guide may help you with moving preparation and organization.

A highway with people leaving LA for NYC.
Leaving LA for NYC is a huge step, prepare for a new lifestyle!

#1 Hire a moving company

One of the first steps to do after deciding to leave LA and move to NYC is to hire professional moving help. Long-distance relocations are not easy, so you should have experienced and reliable people around you. CA to NY – relocation of this kind can be easy if you hire a moving company. Ask for recommendations, search online, read online moving reviews, check the company’s license and insurance, verify the company’s info, etc.

#2 Consider renting a storage unit

Homes in NYC are expensive and in most cases small. If you have a lot of items and not that much space in your apartment, then renting a storage unit is one of the options to consider when leaving LA for NYC. Also, when people are moving long-distance, they rent a temporary storage unit until they find a perfect home in NYC.

#3 Packing your items

Well, you won’t need all of your summer clothing, but still, you need to pack. It is part of every relocation process. Get enough moving boxes and find adequate supplies first and your items will “survive” this long transportation across the country. First pack items you won’t need before moving, and for the end leave backing your essential moving box.

Question mark.
Always find out all the details before moving out.

#4 Looking for a home in NYC

Homes in LA are not cheap, and they are not cheap here in NYC too. Prepare your moving budget, calculate the costs of moving house to NYC, but also, know how much money you will need for the rent and other monthly bills. In most cases, a homeowner will ask you to pay rent a couple of months in advance. Choose where you will live in NYC and then hire a local real estate agent to help you out.

#5 Adjusting to a new life after moving

After leaving LA for NYC it is time to explore the city and to adapt to a new lifestyle. Meet people, try new things, find your new favorite spot in NYC and see what this city has to offer. And luckily, it has a lot to offer, from job opportunities to entertainment.

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