5 reasons to buy a second house in Westchester County

Are you considering buying a vacation home in NY? The first thing you should do is to choose a location. When buying a house, location is one of the most important factors. One of the counties in New York where people are investing in real estate in Westchester County. What should you know before you buy a second house in Westchester County? Why are people buying there?

Why do people love spending time in Westchester County?

What are the pros of living in Westchester County or at least spending your vacations there? If you are new here, let’s find out. Before making the final decision, have all the facts. Buying a house is a big financial investment, so you should think twice.

  • People are friendly and you will know your neighbors.
  • By train, you have only 30 minutes to New York City, the most famous city in the world. This way you can buy a second house in Westchester County at an affordable price and still be close to the big city.
  • The crime rate is low, so you kids can play outside all the time.
  • You can rent a home easily here because the demand is high.
  • Houses are big and they usually have a backyard, perfect for parties and making bbq. You don’t have to make major home renovations after buying it.
  • Nature is beautiful and it is everywhere around you.
  • What is the best way to relax? Going to the beach! The beaches here are amazing. During the hot summer days, you can be here.
  • While driving in NYC is impossible, here, you will enjoy driving a car. Plus parking is everywhere.
  • The places here are quiet and calm, perfect for relaxation and spending time with your friends and family.
Stats to explore to buy a second house in Westchester County.
Calculate if it’s a good decision for you to buy a second house in Westchester County.

Why should you buy a second house in Westchester County, NY?

Why people are buying a second home here in this county? Here are some of the reasons why should you do it and why other people are doing it. Before you take this step and move items here with the help of local movers such as Tik Tok Moving and Storage NYC consider these reasons and be fully prepared.

  • Renting it to tenants – you can have tenants in your second home all the time and your money will return. Cities have become more crowded and many people are looking for other places. NYC is very expensive, the rent there is one of the most expensive in the USA. With this money, you can pay your mortgage, many homeowners are doing this.
  • Vacation rental – if you don’t want tenants in your home all the time, but still you want to earn some money, you can rent it just for a vacation. Especially if you are near the beach. For example, you can buy a second house in Westchester County in places such as Larchmont, Mamaroneck, Suton Manor, because these places are near the beach. Or, buy it near the Hudson River. It is on the opposite side of Westchester County but still beautiful because of its nature.
  • Retirement – people after retirement choose a more quiet place where they can relax. Westchester County is offering that. This area has many places where it is possible and retiring in the countryside has a lot of benefits. Buying a second home is a perfect retirement strategy.
  • You don’t have to stay in a hotel when coming to Westchester County – if you are coming to Westchester County often, and you are tired of booking a hotel and looking for real estate where to invest money, this is one of the solutions.

Top places in Westchester County to buy a home

Westchester County is home to many different and unique cities and towns – 6 cities, 19 towns, and the rest are villages. The population of this county is almost 1 million. When people are thinking about New York, they usually think about NYC. But, it is not the only city in this state. Explore Westchester County and you will see how many different options you have. This county was established in 1683 and it is one of the oldest places in the USA.

A vacation house.
Having a second home can be a good financial investment

The most populous city in the county is Yonkers, but not the only place to research. Usually, people are buying a vacation home in sunny and warm places such as California, Florida, etc. But, buying a second house in Florida is not the only option. New York has a lot to offer. Here are some places in Westchester County, perfect for investing in real estate.

  • Chappaqua
  • Greenville
  • Shrub Oak
  • Ardsley
  • Katonah
  • Hartsdale
  • Armonk
  • Lake Mohegan
  • Briarcliff Manor

Packing belongings

After buying a home, it is time to furnish it and to decorate it a little bit. Doing big home projects is not usual for second homes, but still, you have to do something. To pack items properly, you will need the right packing supplies first. Always use adequate material to prepare and none of your items will be damaged during the transportation. If you don’t have time to pack, you can always hire professional packers. They will bring their own packing equipment and materials, and also, they will do it faster than you will. 

Moving your items to a second home

Packing is not the only thing you should think about. How to transport your belongings to a second home in Westchester County? You can rely on assistance in the area because local movers have a lot of experience here. Explore local moving companies in Westchester County and ask them for help. Settle in stress0free and start your vacation right away.

A calculator and a paper.
Know the costs of packing and moving your items

You can buy a second house in Westchester County with the help of a local real estate agent, and move with the right moving company. Some things are easier to do when you have professional assistance. Consider all the factors before taking this step and keep in mind that owning a home is a responsibility but it has many advantages.

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