5 questions to ask movers when moving locally

Choosing a moving company requires you to ask the right questions. Questions to ask movers are very important. From choosing move dates and finding the best supplies, to packing and organizing transfers. There’s another important moving decision that also happens to be really hard: finding and choosing the right moving company.

Questions to ask the movers

With plenty of moving companies around nowadays, it’s important to ask the right questions before hiring one for the job. So, in order to find the perfect one here are five questions to ask the movers when moving locally.

Questions to ask movers #1 – So, how long have you been in this business?

You can start by asking about the company’s history in order to get a sense of their service. Keep in mind that long history does not guarantee high-quality service however it does imply that the company is reliable and experienced.

movers loading a moving truck
Make sure to find reliable and experienced movers.

Questions to ask movers #2 – are you properly licensed?

In order to avoid moving scams, make sure to ask if the company is properly licensed. A moving company should have a license number issued by the United States Department of Transportation. You can check their license number to make sure they are legit. Local movers should possess a state license. Take into reconsideration that each state has its own license requirements and set of moving regulations.

Questions to ask movers #3 – Do you have any experience with this type of moving?

Every relocation process is specific. This is why you need to ask the movers if have experience in handling this type of move. Depending on where you move or where you are moving from, you need movers that have experience with your type of move. Reliable movers with experience will be able to handle anything coming their way. From parking restrictions to carrying boxes and other household items down and up the stairs if necessary for example.

#4 Do you have references?

Nowadays, you need references to get hired yourself, so why not ask your movers for theirs? Before choosing a company and let them handle your belongings, make sure to ask for references. If the company is good, we are sure that representative will be glad and able to provide you with all the information you need.

movers and moving truck
Don’t forget to ask the representative for references.

#5 Are there any extra moving fees I should know about?

Every move is specific and every moving company has a process of evaluating the fees. But you do not want any surprise, especially not on a moving day with some extra charges you weren’t aware of. So, make sure you ask them about their moving policies. Some questions to ask include carrying items up and downstairs and elevator charges. Another one is the cost of long carry charges based on the distance between where the moving truck is parked and your home.

You are all set

If you make sure to follow this guide, your moving experience will be easy and simple! You now have questions to ask movers. So write them down and make sure to bring them up when meeting with a representative.


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