4 benefits of moving to West New York

Moving to West New York is becoming a trend in the last few years. Especially amongst New Yorkers. The ones born and raised in NYC. Of course, there are people from all around the USA in West New York but New Yorkers really like this place and we are about to show you four reasons why. There are many perks of living there as you can assume since this is a real hot spot in the last ten years. We will also show you how to move there and who can help you out along the way.

West New York 101

First of all, let’s learn something about this place. The name is often confusing. The city is called West New York and yet it’s located in the northern part of Hudson County, New Jersey. If you are wondering about safety you should know that West New York is a safe town just like others of that size. Selling your NYC home and moving here can be a smart choice. There are many reasons why people like this place :

  1. It’s a very affordable place
  2. The location is great
  3. It’s the perfect place for families
  4. Nice and neighborhood vibe
A man making a list of reasons for moving to West New York
How do you like our list so far?

The benefits and help you will be needing

Those are also the benefits of living there. If you are one of the people who wish to relocate here, you can simply ask experts for help when it comes to moving and settling in. They can be o great help. We will talk more about movers but now let’s explain all the benefits of moving and living in West New York.

1. The prices

This is one of the benefits of moving to West New York – the prices there. First of all, let us mention housing prices since that is a huge difference between NYC and West New York. For the price of a really small apartment in NYC, you can get a nice big house here. That is a piece of amazing news and naturally, you understand why people find that very attractive. Who doesn’t want to live in a good city in a nice place in a big house? But housing prices are not the only difference you will see. All your bills, as well as groceries, will be much cheaper here.

A person holding dollar banknotes in the hands.
Money is always an important factor.

2. Location, location, location

This is the most important factor and one of the main reasons for moving to West New York. This city is very close to NYC, the commute is great. But unlike NYC it’s nice, peaceful, and affordable. You can even work in NYC and live in West New York. The location is one of the biggest attractions here. For some living near NYC is a dream come true since NYC can offer you so much but there are many downsides of living there and that’s why New Yorkers like to relocate here. If you are one of them, we recommend you call Ample Moving New Jersey to help you with all your moving needs.

3. Families love West New York

You will often hear that couples move from NYC somewhere nearby when start planning a family. Suburbs or more peaceful cities are usually the best choices. Raising kids in NYC can be pretty tough and raising kids in West New York can be amazing. Of course, there are some quiet neighborhoods in NYC but most of them are in Manhattan and we all know how expansive that is.  Schools are great and above average. We already mentioned that this city is much safer than NYC and there is plenty to do and see. If you ever get bored you can simply drive to NYC and have a fun day there.

4. Friendly neighbors and nice neighborhoods

This is something that is rare in NYC and one of the reasons why New Yorkers like it here. But, so do others. People in this city are friendly and accepting. This is also a diverse city and that makes fitting in much easier. This is a good place for young professionals but you should also know that New Jersey is known to be a great place for seniors, and couples with kids. It can be a great place for everybody just because it’s so diverse and how nice everything and everyone are. Surely you will be able to fit in quickly but there is one thing you need to do before! Yes, we are talking about moving to West New York. This is not as easy as it sounds but let’s discuss it a bit more.

Parents teaching a kid to ride a bike
Surely you and your family will enjoy your new life here.

Moving to West New York

There is only one way to move there (or anywhere else) stress-free. We are talking about hiring professional movers. We already showed you the best ones in New Jersey but we forgot to mention that movers are not here just to move you from one city to another. They can assist you with many moving tasks. Take packing for example. This is one of the most boring things that need to be done. Well, movers can do this for you. They can also help you with many other this in order to assist you with all your moving needs. To see everything movers can do for you, make sure to check their website. You will see there all the additional services they are offering.

Fun facts about West New York

Do you know what is this city known for? It is known for its lake effect snows that can result in highly localized and often very intense or even historic snow events. Lake effect storms are the result of the cold air picking up water vapor when it blows over warm lake waters and that is a cool sight to see. Another fun fact – West New York is a very urban city but has a small-town charm at the same time.

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